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Hot Christmas tips

Nov 7, 2019

You might have a question in your mind: "What to get everyone for Christmas?" Choosing the right presents is not so easy, so eFloorball prepared some tips for you to be inspired. How are you choosing the gifts? And how to choose something original that makes people happy? Christmas is very exciting time of the year for the most of people. Do you have a younger or older athlete at home in your family or among your friends, and don't know what to buy for the Christmas? Does he already have a Floorball bag and you don't dare to choose the indoor shoes for her or him? Check out some of our hot tips.

The tips are sorted our tips into several categories. You can choose a unique floorball gift for everyone.

The most popular gift

Sports jewelry Floorbee

Quality jewelery by FLOORBEE is made of silver/gold. The normal jewelry cannot resist the sporting environment. Aggressive sweat jewelry destroys in moments. Floorbee jewelry is rhodium-plated. This layer ensures that the jewel does not lose its shine and quality!

FLOORBEE Torpedo IFF match

Torpedo is the certified ball with a special surface. The Torpedo concept is based on a golf ball. Torpedo is a faster ball than other brands. You can buy Torpedo in white or in various color combinations or sets. Look at the sets of balls!

Floorball sticks for the little ones

OxDog Shift 32 Round

As the first piece here we want to introduce the floorball stick OxDog Shift 32 Round. With the weight of 202 grams, it is a lightweight floorball stick ideal for floorball handling. This stick flex is 32 mm - ideal for both beginners and advanced players. The floorball stick is equipped with the shooting blade Block. The lightly pre-bent Block blade will help children to learn the basic technique of working with the stick and ball. Children will also appreciate the weight of the blade - 70g.

Unihoc EPIC YOUNGSTER 36 neon green/white

Uhihoc has prepared EPIC Youngster series for the smallest players. These sticks give young players a chance to play with the same looking stick as their sports icons. There is one big difference between the Youngster sticks and the senior sticks - the length of the blade. The Youngster EPIC blade is 5mm shorter than the EPIC blade. The blade is shorter in order to make it easier for younger players to work with the ball.

Floorball sticks for boys

Salming Matrix 32

The basic junior stick Salming Matrix 32 is designed for hobby players. The stick is made of composite, so it is a little heavier, but on the other hand, it is stronger and more durable, which will be especially useful for hobby players. A little heavier weight will help advanced players - defensemen. They can use this weight for longer and more accurate passing or shooting. The stick is fitted with Quest blade - historically the most popular blade from Salming.

Don't you like a composite stick? We have LEXX Swiss A2 2.9 oval for you! The floorball stick made of 100% carbon!

Salming Raptor Tourlite JR 32

A shaft with flex 32 belongs to the softer ones, recommended especially for beginners. This stick can be also used for advanced players. The advantage is a low weight and the new light and flatter blade Salming Raptor. Salming recommends it to all players who like fast and strong shots. The shaft is called TourLite, which means that only the highest quality and lightest carbon material was used in the production of the shaft. Salming Raptor Tourlite JR 32 is a weapon that will frighten every opponent!

Floorball sticks for girls

Zone floorball ZUPER AIR 31 all red

Zuper Air 31 by Zone floorball is one of the best stick in the market with junior floorball sticks. The AIR CONCEPT collection is designed for young players who want to play with an exceptional stick! The Air line relies on the unsurpassed light sticks and no wonder because the light stick is very manoeuvrable and allows you to transfer more power to your shot. This stick will raise your game to the higher level.

Do you like this stick but you do not like the red color? Buy Zone floorball ZUPER AIR 31 blue / light turquoise!


Floorball stick OxDog ZERO RUDD with the blade Optilight and hardness 29mm is the ideal choice for juniors looking for a compromise between the power of the shot and the ball-control. The stick belongs to the limited collection RUDD EDITION. This floorball stick edition was created together with Alexander Rudd. A slightly concave Optilight blade with its weight of 66g is one of the lightest on the market. The stick fits perfectly in your hands and the Optilight grip does not slide. So if you search for a perfectly balanced stick, full of technology for maximum performance, this piece is just the right one!

Floorball sticks for men

Salming Hawk Composite 27 SMU

Floorball stick Salming Hawk Composite 27 SMU is suitable for all players who play floorball regularly and want to get a good and highly resistant stick. At the same time, it will also serve occasionally playing hobby players. This one is classic stick with the beautiful design and the hardness of 27 mm. This floorball stick is made of composite materials and thanks to that, it perfectly fits in your hand, does not slip and above all it is very strong and resistant against breaking.

The main advantage of this stick is its excellent price! Taking the price/value ratio, there is no better stick!

Don't you like a composite stick? We have Lexx Lupa A2 2.6 Black / Silver. Floorball stick made of 100% carbon.

Zone floorball HYPER Composite 27 white/black

The stick with the hardness of 27 mm is made of composite, so it is resistant against breaking. Strong players and those who like a little heavier floorball stick will love it. This floorball stick appeals to a wide range of players thanks to its hardness and a shooting blade - Hyper. The Hyper blade is a pure shooting blade, especially great for wrist shots. This blade will improve your technique and shooting. However, it is harder to make a backhand shots.

The next popular variant of this stick is Zone floorball HYPER Composite Light 27 black! If you like black, this must be your choice!

Salming Q2 Composite 29

Salming Q2 Composite 29 is the classic and very popular stick. Quality composite, flex 29 mm and low price makes this stick to be vert attractive. The sticks is equipped with the Quest 2 blade, one of the most popular Salming blades. The Quest2 blade is good for wrist shooters.

Floorball sticks for women


The Composite stick in glossy design with round grip, that's Fat Pipe BOOST 31. This stick has flex 31 mm, which is suitable for women or younger players. There is a Sticky grip. The stick fits well in your hands. The stick is assambled with the most successful floorball blade from Fat Pipe - Jab - extremely concaved blade.

Zone floorball HYPER Composite Light 29 white/red

This floorball stick is sold for the great price. The shaft has red-white design and hardness 29 mm. It is made of composite materials. This floorball stick is the good choice for all players who play floorball regularly and want to play with the good and durable floorball stick. The stick is fitted with a Hyper shooting blade, which is a great choice especially for the wrist shots.

For the Goalkeepers

FLOORBEE Padded Landing 2.0 set WH/NH

eFloorball have the hot tips for the goalkeepers: FLOORBEE Padded Landing 2.0 set without helmet and another option is FLOORBEE Padded Landing 2.0 set including the helmet. Both sets contain quality padded goalie pants FLOORBEE Goalie Armor together with FLOORBEE Goalie Armor jersey. If you choose the variant with the helmet you will additionally get the Tempish Basic helmet.

Thanks to this experience Floorbee produces one of the best floorball equipment in the market. Both pants and the jerseys are padded with a ultra-thick foam, which greatly absorbs shots.

You can find the professional goalkeeper mask HECTOR BASIC in size SENIOR and JUNIOR. This mask is made of extremely durable ABS plastic. The helmet is IFF certified.

We hope you like our Christmas tips for this season. If you are interested in more products, check out another Christmas Gifts. If you would like some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@efloorball.net . We are ready to help you ;-)

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