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How to choose quality floorball balls?

Feb 11, 2020, Thomas

Floorball is a team indoor sport. There is not too much equipment you need, it is basically just a floorball stick and a floorball ball. There are several kinds of floorball balls on the market, for example blue, red, white, with the IFF certification, multicolored etc. The common things for all floorball balls is weight 23g, diameter 72mm and 26 holes. What is the difference among these balls? Why does one ball break after five shots and another one lasts five years?

The official ball of the young athletes tournament in Czech Republic.

The technology of floorball ball production

First of all the hemispheres are pressed from the heated plastic. After that these two hemispheres are joined. There are two basic techniques to join them:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Teflon welding

When the half-balls are joined into one ball, it is almost done. There is unevenness and sharp edge this process. This edge must be sharpened smoothly. This sharp edge is dangerous, so it must be removed. Unevenness on the surface also negatively affects the aerodynamics of the ball.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is cheaper than Teflon welding. Due to the lower price this is the most popular way by almost all floorball brands. Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency of the mechanical vibration – ULTRASOUND. One half-ball is fixed, the second half-ball is pressed against this part. The fixed part of the ball is vibrated by an ultrasonic transducer. There is friction during this process and the temperature goes up. Afterwards, plastic deformation occurs and the downstream material is mixed and ultrasonic joint is created.


  • No preparation and cleanness needed = cheaper balls
  • Short welding time = cheaper balls


  • Low firmness of the joint = faster breaking of the balls
  • Almost no joining of the welded parts = faster breaking of the balls
  • Higher deformation of the material during welding = faster breaking of the balls
  • Lower temperatures are used in ultrasonic welding = lower ball strength.

Ultrasonic welded balls.

Teflon welding

There is an external heat source used during Teflon welding. The Teflon heating element is produced before the welding process itself. Teflon is chosen for even temperature distribution over the entire work surface. There are several steps during the Teflon welding. The half-balls have to be fixed first. The heating element heats up and then both parts of the floorball ball come into contact with it. The plastic heats up. Then the heater is removed and the floorball ball is joined. Teflon welding is more expensive to produce, but results in at least 20% stronger balls.


  • Simple process, easy to control = cheaper balls
  • Extremely high weld strength = the floorball ball is very durable


  • 3D weld contours require costly tools
  • Long process times
  • High overhead costs (energy).

FLOORBEE Torpedo IFF match - Teflon welded ball. High weld strength and ball quality.

Ball color

Ball color is a very discussed topic. There is widespread information that the ball color can be white and apricot. Is it true? The official rules issued by the International Floorball Federation in 2018 are explained ball's color in Part 4 paragraph 406, point 1:

The ball shall be approved by the IFF and marked accordingly. The ball surface shall be single colored in a non-fluorescent color. Neither the inside color of the ball can be fluorescent.

So the basic question is: "What colors are fluorescent?" Fluorescent colors are reflective, signal or neon colors. These colors are characterized by their ability to reflect more light into the environment than they themselves receive. So these colors shine.

So if you avoid multicolored balls and balls with neon color during the official game, you can play with any color you want.

Official ball color NEW RULES

The official sponsor of IFF is UNIHOC right now. Unihoc acquired exclusive marketing and sales rights in all official IFF activities. Mainly a World Cup or European Cups and Qualifications, but Unihoc is presented at all IFF projects and seminars. The official ball of all international floorball competitions is now the ball Unihoc Dynamic.

Unihoc also set the color of this ball - apricot. Unofficially, this color has become a promoted color of the official IFF World cup matches. This is the basis of false information about the official ball colors.

The upcoming change of floorball rules will also remember the colors of the balls. The best change IFF could make is simply listing the colors that will be allowed for official competitions. Unfortunately it won't happen. IFF wants to adjust the rules so that the official ball color will be chosen by the IFF sponsor. In practice, this means that IFF sponsor chooses the color of the ball. acquires the exclusive right to produce and sell balls of that color.

Is this fair or not? Isn't that familiar? Last year, IFF tried to tell you what grip you should have. Isn't it the same?

Two-color floorball balls

According to the rule we discussed in the paragraph above - the surface of the ball should have 1 color. Does it mean that a two-color ball cannot get be IFF certificated? No! The main reason for this decision was the cost of having two moulding tools, one with IFF and one without IFF. These types of balls are popular during training etc. In Sweden you can find all kinds of colors and color combinations and even balls "glowing in the dark".

There are IFF certified floorball balls of different color combinations on the market. It’s another thing when it comes to official matches. There you have to follow the rule 406. Floorball ball Torpedo.

Perfect floorball ball

You cannot use the ball in official floorball competitions without the IFF certificate. However, if you can buy a floorball ball with IFF certification you will have the quality and safe product. This category also includes FLOORBEE Torpedo IFF match.

The Torpedo ball was developed for 2 years according to IFF parameters. The concept is based on golf balls, where recess on the surface of the ball increases its speed. Each recess has a protrusion in the middle. This fact improves the aerodynamic properties of the ball. The ball is designed to make the its as stable as possible in its flight and top spin on the ground at the same time.

FLOORBEE Torpedo IFF match is the official ball of the Youth region representations finals and the official ball of the National championship of players U15. Teflon welding technology guarantees at least 20% stronger weld and longer ball life.

Floorball ball Torpedo.

We have shown the difference between high quality and low quality floorball balls. In case you are still not sure about the choice and would like to advise, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: . We will be happy to help you! ;-)

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