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Taxes and invoicing

Including and excluding value added tax (VAT)

The VAT is included in the product price if the order ought to be delivered within the EU. Goods shipped to countries outside the EU are exempt from VAT. A destination country might charge a local tax (similar to VAT) according to valid local law.

If a destination country asks a customer to pay up custom fees and a local tax (similar to VAT), then the customer is obliged to pay them up through the transportation company.

Shopping with a valid EU VAT number

If a an order should be delivered to another EU country (than the Czech Republic) and the buyer has a valid VAT number, then the total amount is VAT excluded. To get prices free from VAT, it is necessary to enter your VAT number in the order form.

Your order data will be transferred to tax authorities then.

You can verify the VAT number at: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/