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Floorball blades

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Floorball blades

Floorball blades

Floorball blade is practically the most important part of floorball stick. Most influences the characteristics of the entire floorball stick during the game itself. But what influences the characteristics of floorball blades? Each manufacturer tries to reach as many players as possible, so you will find different blades from completely straight to much curved, left, right, reinforced, hard and soft, but what affects the characteristics of the blade most is the material from which it is made. Floorball blades are made of 2 materials. Read more about each blade parameter below.

Blade SIDE

Choose the side where you hold the stick as follows - if you hold the stick:

  • left hand down, select "left"
  • right hand down, select "right"


Floorball blade is the basis of quality floorball sticks, from experience we can say that with a bad shaft and good blade can be played, but with a good shaft and bad blade is difficult to play. The blades can be divided into two basic groups:

Concealed (concave)


  • there is no need to bend the blade, the stick is already formed
  • Usually, the blades are bent so that they shoot nicely with them


  • limiting the ability to bend the blade
  • Usually the blades are better bent on the forhand, worse on the backhand


In general, almost every blade can be shaped to be concave.

Blade hardness

The stiffness has a big influence on the shots penetration and also its accuracy. Each model differs from other by specific ribs, which help during ball control. Thank to specific shapes - the ball control can be quicker. Blades hardness are divided into:

Floorball blade is important part of the stick. Floorball blades from different brands differ not only in colors, but also in size, material,and, last but not least in hardness. Before you choose a stick, we suggest to read Floorball blade buying tips, these tips should help you to choose a correct length, flex, material and also the hooking of the blade.

There are more than 100 different blades in our floorball shop, we believe, you can choose the best blade for you.

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