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OxDog 2020/2021

Nov 23, 2020, Thomas

We presented the new Unihoc, ZoneFloorball and Salming collection in previous articles. If you haven't read them yet, check out our blog. Now is the time to look at what OxDog has prepared for you. OxDog has a motto: "Performance for everyone!" The new collection is based on this motto. OxDog products represent a perfect balance between technology and functional performance. They care about every detail, because every little thing counts! Now let's take a look at what’s new from OxDog!

Hyperlight HES

Let's start with the best - the Hyperlight HES. The Hyperlight HES is the name of the top OxDog floorball stick series. HYPERLIGHT HES shafts are made of the premium lightest carbon - T2500 HighPressure carbon. There are lightweight plugs (or LC), a lightweight grip and a light Optilight Carbon blade. The Optilight Carbon blade weighs only 66 grams on these floorball sticks. HYPERLIGHT sticks are among the lightest floorball sticks in the world. These floorball sticks are made directly for players who simply want the best!


OXDOG HYPERLIGHT HES 27 FP MBC ROUND is considered to be one of the best floorball sticks from the Hyperlight HES series! The stick is very light. Its weight in the size of 96 cm is 181 grams. It is produced in lengths of 96 cm and 100 cm with a flex of 27 mm. The sticks with this hardness are recommended for advanced players. Now, You can find this stick in the OVAL variant as well.

Hyperlight HES sticks making your game faster and more accurate. These floorball sticks are made of the lightest and the strongest carbon fibers, but even more important than their material are their blades.

The Optilight blade is very versatile, which helps you with both slap and sweeper shooting. We recommend it to all players who want to become a sharpshooter.

As an alternative to this stick, OxDog has prepared the OxDog HYPERLIGHT HES 29 FP MBC ROUND/OVAL.. The design of these 2 sticks is the same, except in their hardness and length. Instead of a flex 27 mm, OxDog used a 29 mm flex and instead of lengths of 96 cm and 101 cm OxDog offers lengths of 92 cm and 96 cm.

Ultralight HES

The Ultralight HES has become one of the most successful lines by Oxdog. In summer 2020 OxDog continues down the same beaten path (excellent design, immediately recognizable, clean appearance...), but even here you will find something news. The series color is different. Now, it is white with some gold/purple elements.


This excellent stick is equipped with a universal Razor carbon blade. The Razor carbon blade is a modern floorball blade with top class functionality. This blade offers great ball control and improved shot release. It suits to all types of players. If you want to see more floorball sticks with this awesome blade, look at all floorball sticks with the Razor blade.

If you want to try another option we recommend the OxDog ULTRALIGHT HES 29 UV ROUND which is a softer stick. It is made in 96 cm and 101 cm sizes. However, there is a Razor blade instead of an Avox carbon blade. Avox is one of the best-selling blades by OxDog. We recommend it to all shooters, especially those who like to sweeper shots.

We have great news for junior players as well. You can also find the OxDOG ULTRALIGHT HES 27 WT ROUND MB in the junior version. It is produced in lengths of 82 cm, 87 cm and 92 cm. Of course, these sizes come with higher flex. In this version the flex is 31 mm. As you can see this stick is really for everyone!

Sense HES & Light

These lightweight 100% carbon sticks by OxDog are called Sense HES. Accordint to OxDog Sense HES shafts are lightweight sticks, but their weight belongs to the medium weight category. This stick is based on the HES technology - HIGH ENERGY SHAFT.

This is a unique combination of stick technologies. The combination of these technology creates:

  • extremely light sticks
  • solid stick
  • at least 20% faster sticks
  • sticks with double the longspan


The OXDOG SENSE HES 27 BK ROUND MBC is considered to be one of the best floorball sticks from this series. It is a lightweight solid carbon stick. It is produced in lengths of 101 cm with a flex of 27 mm. This flex is the best option for advanced players.

The OXDOG SENSE HES 27 BK ROUND MBC is an ideal stick for technical players. The best part of this floorball stick is its awesome Optilight blade.

In this new collection you can also find this floorball stick in a hardness of 25 mm. So if you want a harder stick, OXDOG SENSE HES 25 BK OVAL MBC is the best choice for you!

If you want to try another option we recommend the OXDOG SENSE HES 30 BK ROUND MB. which is a softer stick.

Fusion Light & Fusion

The solid composite sticks of the model line Fusion Light & Fusion by OxDog brings you consistent quality. The Fusion Light & Fusion series is for those who require strong and durable sticks. These floorball sticks give you a great feeling for the ball and excellent quality. If you are a hobby player, your choice should be the Fusion Light & Fusion series.


The OXDOG FUSION LIGHT 23 WT OVAL MB is the best floorball stick in this series. This stick is made with blow moulding technalovy. Blow moulding technology is the placing of carbon fiber inside an iron molding cavity, heating it and subsequently injecting air, this technology allows the creatione of a very durable floorball stick. The OXDOG FUSION LIGHT 23 WT OVAL MB is equipped with an Avox shooting blade.

Avox is the best-selling shooting blade by OxDog. This blade is excellent for all players, especially those who like sweeper shots. The OXDOG FUSION LIGHT 23 WT OVAL MB is produced in the 103 cm size and the stick flex is 23 mm.

As an alternative you can choose the OXDOG FUSION LIGHT 27 WT OVAL MB, or you can buy the junior version the OXDOG FUSION 32 WT ROUND NB. This junior version is no longer made of carbon, but it is made of fiberglass.

Blades OxDog

Unfortunately there is no new blade by OxDog in this new collection. OxDog already has all types of floorball blades made, so it’s not a problem. Which blade has been used in this collection? This OxDog collection are based on the blades:

The Optilight / Optilight carbon blades are used in the Hyperlight HES series. The Avox / Avox carbon and Razor / Razor carbon blades are used across all OxDog series except the Hyperlight series. The last blade the Block is used in the hobby sticks series. Anyway, you can't go wrong with any of these blades!

OxDog goalie equipment

Now it's time for the goalie. The OxDog goalie equipment collection is called Xguard. This is very comfortable and durable professional goalkeeper equipment. It helps you even during the most difficult matches and training.

ART technology

After almost 18 month in development OxDog is now proud to present their latest innovation in the Xguard goalie collection: ART - Active Rebound Technology. They have implemented the use of Memory Foam in their new goalie equipment. OxDog offers you a new range of items with this technology.


This new OxDog protective shorts provide excellent comfort and breathability. The jockstrap is placed in a special pocket from which it can be easily removed. It is not fixed with rubbers, as is usual with conventional shorts. It sits in place very stably and does not restrict movement. This update gives goalkeepers more free movement with 100% protection.

OxDog Gate Kneeguard Long

Another news item for goalkeepers are these neoprene knee protectors. There are four elastic Velcro straps on these knee pads. The knee is protected against impacts and hard surfaces by a rubber lining. Unlike other protectors, the OxDog Gate Kneeguard Long has a tibia protector!

The OxDog Gate Kneeguard Long has the anatomical shape of the knees. This means that they perfectly copy the shape of the knees and protect your knees in the best way. The OxDog Gate Kneeguard Long are comfortable and they stay perfectly in place.

Bags and backpacks The

The new stick bags, backpacks and bags are in a very attractive black / orange design, where the OxDog logo is displayed in white. These are high quality products. The bags are also cleverly designed for efficient use and at the same time have an attractive design.

Today we have presented the new OxDog collection. If you are still not sure about your choice and would like some advice, do not hesitate to contact us at: , where we are ready to advise you! ;-)

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