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Floorball stick
Sense HES Sense HES is the name of lightweight floorball sticks by OxDog. Although Sense HES sticks belong to lightweight sticks, their weight is rather medium. It is around +/- 230 grams...
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Product Oxdog SENSE HES 30 TB ROUND MB Floorball stick is sold out, but you can buy its successor.

Versions Oxdog SENSE HES 30 TB ROUND MB
Product code Color Blade hooking Indicates which hand is holding down the stick
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Stick length The first number indicates the length of the shaft and the second the length of the shaft including the blade. Floorball stick can be shortened on request for 5.3 €!
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Availability Price
52210417 black / turquoise Right (right hand down) Right hand below 87cm (=97cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
52210416 black / turquoise Left (left hand down) Left hand below 87cm (=97cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
52210414 black / turquoise Left (left hand down) Left hand below 92cm (=102cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
52210415 black / turquoise Right (right hand down) Right hand below 92cm (=102cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.

Sense HES

Sense HES is the name of lightweight floorball sticks by OxDog. Although Sense HES sticks belong to lightweight sticks, their weight is rather medium. It is around +/- 230 grams. However, their balance is excellent. Sense HES shafts give you the perfect balance.

You can find all the Oxdog technologies directly on the stick. There are pictures of the used technologies on the floorball stick. Here is the list of them:

  • LC - Sticks with LC have a lightweight plug. The plug is smaller, thinner and lighter. Lighter plug = lighter stick. The plug is so small that you may feel like there is no one on the stick. This suits some players, but there are also those who need a bigger plug because it helps them better control their stick.
  • Carbon T1500 - OxDog uses several types of carbon from T600 to T2500/HP2700. The T600 carbon is the heaviest carbon and the T2500/HP2700 carbon is the lightest one. The heavier sticks are more durable than those with low weight. The OxDog carbon stick has the following labels: "carbon T/HP + number indicating the quality of the carbon".
  • Ultra fast is the category of your stick strength and speed. OxDog divides its shafts into 4 groups (Hyper, Ultra, Super and Medium fast). Floorball shafts Ultra fast have the great speed and thus transfer the most energy to your shots. So ultra fast stick is one of the fastest sticks!
  • Pre-preg - PRE-PREG is a label for machine-made floorball sticks. These shafts are produced on an automated production line, so their price is lower. The material (especially the composite material) is pressed in a vacuum on this line. This is a faster and cheaper production process.
  • HES resin is type of resin used for this sticks. Lightweight HES resin is used to achieve the lightest possible stick. So the shaft with HES resin are the lightweight floorball sticks.


HES - or HIGH ENERGY SHAFT. This is a unique combination of stick technology. The combination of these factors creates sticks, which are:

  • extremely light
  • high strength
  • at least 20% faster
  • have almost twice the service life

Handling shapes

There are several types of handling shapes, but there is no universal recommendation which shape is the best. It is just a subjective feeling. The OxDog handling shapes are:

  • ROUND - This is a round handling shape. 90% of floorball sticks have this round handling shape.
  • OVAL - This is an oval handling shape. This oval handling shape provides a firmer grip on the stick, but there is higher weight because of more material. This type of handling shape is suitable for players with larger palms.
  • SWEOVAL - This is an oval profile. The name SWEOVAL stands for Swedish Oval. This Swedish oval differs from the classic oval by its size (SWEOVAL is less noticeable). Basically, we can say that the Swedish Oval is an intermediate between the classic round grip and the oval grip.
  • D-OVAL This is a square handling shape with rounded corners. This grip is specific to OxDog sticks. The basic shape of the grip is oval, but the upper part is flattened by 5 mm, so the final shape is a square. However, compared to the HOCKEY handling shape (square profile ), the edges are rounded.

OxDog Optilight

The Oxdog OptiLight floorball blade is exactly what is called a really light blade. Its weight is only 65 grams. Of course the emphasis is not only on the weight. OptiLight is also really good at controlling the ball. After all, that's why it was created. The Oxdog OptiLight blade has a concavity of 9 mm. The cavity extends evenly from the heel to the tip of the blade. The entire blade is also pre-bent. This pre-bend starts before the middle rib and goes towards the tip of the blade. The tip then turns very slightly inwards.

The ribbing, as well as the bottom edge and tip is taken from Oxdog Avox. Especially the ribbing in the heel and in the lower part of the blade. Due to the fact that the cavity on the OptiLight is slightly smaller than on the Avox blade, controlling the ball is much easier and more accurate. The already mentioned ribbing gives the blade high rigidity, so the blade can transfer energy well to the ball and at the same time provide you with accurate shooting. So the shoots are fast and accurate!

Pre-bending the blade causes that the back is significantly bent. The blade bends from half its length. This, of course, affects the game of backhand. The blade does not provide enough space for the backhand, so it is not 100% suitable for it. However, this compensates for the blade with its forehand game, especially with sweeper shoot!

The OptiLight blade is the best mainly in its weight. OptiLight is a light and rigid blade with which you can control the ball perfectly. At just 65 grams, it makes it the lightest OXDOG blade. It is a slightly pre-bent blade, with a medium concavity. It has a rigid heel and a well-shaped tip, so it can be well bent according to the player's needs. We would recommend the blade to players who like to play with the ball and to players who like shooting especially sweeper shoot.

OxDog Touch GRIP

OxDog Touch GRIP is a grip in which great emphasis was placed on its durability, especially in the most stressed parts so that this grip can withstand the maximum possible load and the speed of its wear was minimal. It holds perfectly in the hands, does not slip and wicks sweat away perfectly.

Key properties:

  • standard long grip
  • excellent anti-slip properties
  • extra long life
  • very pleasant grip with perforation for better sweat wicking
  • vibration absorption

Key features
Season: 2022/2023
Flex: The lower number, the harder shaft
More information
Grip: Touch
Sticks material: Indicates the material used for producing the shaft
More information
Handling shape: Indicates the shape when holding the stick
More information
Blade name: OptiLight
Blade Hardness: Indicates the hardness of the blade
More information
Medium - lightweight
IFF Certification: yes
shaft type: straight
Carbon content: 100% carbon
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