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Brand SHOE

Salming is a Swedish brand specializing in sports equipment, especially shoes for various sports, including running, floorball, squash and more. Their products are often valued for their innovative design, technical features and quality.

Running shoes

Salming offers different models of shoes designed for different types of running, from long distance running to fast sprint. Here are some of the top running models:

  • Salming Distance: The Distance model can be designed for runners who prefer comfort and cushioning on long distances. It can have a lightweight construction that minimizes the weight of the shoe while providing enough protection for the foot.
  • Salming Speed: The Speed model may be intended for fast runners and racers. It can have a lower profile and lighter construction that allows for faster movement and response.
  • Salming Trail: For runners who like to run off-road, the Trail model can be an ideal choice. Shoes of this type could have a reinforced sole and protective elements that provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Indoor shoes

Indoor shoes are designed for various indoor sports such as floorball, volleyball, basketball and others. These shoes are designed to provide optimal traction, bounce, stability and comfort on smooth indoor surfaces. They usually have a low profile to keep runners close to the ground and gain more control over their movement. Some characteristics of indoor shoes may include:

  • Special non-marking sole on smooth floors and does not damage the surface.
  • Emphasis on traction so players can change direction quickly and avoid sliding.
  • Mild cushioning for comfortable movement on hard surfaces.
  • Ankle support: Some models may have a reinforced ankle neck for better stabilization.
  • Lightweight construction: To allow players to move quickly and react to situations easily.

The best-selling collection of indoor shoes includes:

Salming Eagle

  • The Salming Eagle collection is aimed at players looking for the optimal combination of comfort, performance and durability. The shoes from this collection offer medium cushioning and excellent stability. Technologies such as ExoSkeleton™ provide foot support during lateral movements. The Eagle collection is suitable for players who prefer a balanced style of play and want shoes suitable for various indoor sports.

Salming Rival

  • The Salming Rival collection emphasizes a competitive and aggressive style of play. These shoes would offer a lower profile, lightweight construction and maximum traction. Technology like HexaGrip™ would ensure the best possible grip on smooth surfaces. The Rival collection is suitable for players who prefer fast movements, quick reaction and offensive play.

Salming Recoil

  • The Salming Recoil collection is designed for players looking for optimal damping and response. The shoes from this collection feature technologies like Recoil™ and Recoil R™ that maximize impact absorption and rebound energy. The design of the shoes emphasizes performance and comfort for players who emphasize long-term durability and comfort during intense play.

Salming Viper

  • This collection is focused on versatility and speed. The Salming Viper shoes offer lightweight construction, excellent traction and bounce, making them ideal for dynamic indoor sports such as floorball and squash. Technology such as RollBar™ and TGS is part of this collection, providing optimal support and stability.

Salming Hawk

  • The Salming Hawk collection focuses on a combination of durability and comfort. These boots offer reinforced construction and impact protection. Technologies like ExoSkeleton™ ensure stability and joint protection during fast movements. Considering the needs of players, the Hawk offers a balance between an aggressive play style and comfort.

Goalkeeper boots

Goalkeeper boots are specially designed for floorball goalkeepers. These boots have unique features that allow goalkeepers to effectively react to the ball and protect their goal. Some characteristics of goalkeeper boots may include:

  • Protection: Reinforced parts of the boot that protect the goalkeeper's foot from injuries, especially when hitting the ball or puck.
  • Grip: Special sole patterns for better grip on the surface and fast movements.
  • The boots may have suspension or technologies that ensure a quick response to the goalkeeper's actions.
  • Stability: Reinforcement and support for the ankle to minimize the risk of sprains.

Salming may use the following technologies for its shoes

  • RollBar™: The rounded inner edge of the sole allows the foot to roll inwards and reduces pressure on the toe edge. It provides rebound from extreme positions and facilitates the movement of the leg into position in low stances.
  • TGS 62/75™ (Torsion Guide System): Sole construction with stability and cushioning in mind. The ballet line connects the parts of the sole with the bounce when running.
  • ExoSkeleton™: The outer skeleton of the shoe stabilizes the foot during lateral movements and reduces pressure on the MTP joints.
  • HeelCup™: The heel cup stabilizes the foot in the shoe for a feeling of security and comfort.
  • HexaGrip™: The special sole ensures excellent grip on all types of surfaces.
  • LMS™ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer): Curved unit in the sole to support quick lateral movements.
  • LMS+: An 8% tilt unit that reduces the risk of ankle sprains.
  • Recoil™ + Recoil R™: A cushioning layer from a new material mix absorbs impact forces and uses energy for rebounds.
  • XR110™: Rubber material combines technologies on the sole of the shoe.
  • Cushioning Foam™: Special cushioning foam in the back of the sole with 70% better effect than regular EVA.
  • Toe Drag Guard™: Reinforced area to protect the shoe during knocks or lunges.
  • Wrap Around System Design (WAS Design): The rear end of the sole extends over the heel area and provides stability.
  • RunLite™: A cushioning layer made from a new mix of materials absorbs impact forces and uses energy for rebounds.

Remember that each sport has its own specific footwear requirements and individual player preferences may vary. It is important to choose shoes that offer the right combination of traction, comfort, stability and protection for the sport and position.

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