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How to choose the length of the floorball stick?

May 23, 2016

How to choose the right length of a floorball stick? In general the following table is valid. It matches the height of a player to the length of the floorball shaft (the stick excluding the blade).

Chart of the body height and a correct stick length

Player height Floorball stick length
110 cm 50-55 cm
115 cm 50-55 cm
120 cm 60-67 cm
125 cm 60-67 cm
130 cm 70-77 cm
135 cm 70-80 cm
140 cm 80-82 cm
145 cm 80-82 cm
150 cm 85-87 cm
155 cm 85-90 cm
160 cm 90-92 cm
165 cm 90-92 cm
170 cm 91-95 cm
175 cm 95-96 cm
180 cm 95-98 cm
185 cm 95-103 cm
190 cm 100-103 cm
> 195 cm 103-105 cm

E.g. The player measuring 177cm should choose floorball sticks between 95-96cm. (Stick length without the blade.)

How to choose a floorball stick in details

It is important to have the correct length, read more to prevent from having back pain.

When you are choosing a stick eg. for Street hockey, then you will be recommended to choose a longer stick. But that is not correct for floorball, because a longer stick is a hinderance - for shooting, passing, ball control and other floorball skills are much harder with a longer stick. The perfect length of a stick can be determined by next steps: When you put the stick in front of you, the length will be 1-2 cm above your navel. The maximum recommended height is 4cm above the navel. If it is more, then the player loses a ball control and he/she has an impuls to lean backward, which is not good for a correct posture. The optimal length of the stick allows you to get the right angle while shooting or passing, without that angle you cannt follow a correct floorball technique.

Correct stick holding

It is similar when a player has a shorter stick (the length of a stick ends below the navel). The player might have better ball control, but the player does not hold a correct posture, the floorballer constantly bends forward and back suffers.

Wrong stick holding

There is a little bit difference in younger categories (5-11 years old) where children may have the stick a little bit longer because they grow quickly and buying new sticks every six months can be a family budget problem, especially when a child does another two or three sports. On the other hand, the best is the enemy of the good and to buy a stick about 10 cm longer than it is recommended - can be a disaster for learning right floorball technique. The optimum length is about max. 4-7 cm above the navel.

What does stick length indication eg. 96 cm (=106cm) mean? Two different lengths are mentioned on every stick. The first number, which is the primary (known in the floorball community) - it is the length of the shaft (96 cm). The second number is the length of the entire stick including the blade (106 cm). This value is always about 10 cm greater than the first value.

To sum it up - nothing easier than to come into our floorball shop, where we can help you to choose a correct length of floorball sticks by using this great figure (see figure below) and you will not have to worry that you have bought either a short or a long stick. And if it is too far for you, just call us and we will kindly help you with choosing the righ length of the stick for you!

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