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How to avoid loosing floorball balls?

Apr 7, 2016

One-coloured and two-coloured balls FLOORBEE Torpedo are perfect solution for bigger clubs! There is an opportunity to buy for every category a different colour of the balls. Then you can identify, which category looses the most balls and which one is aboveboard. It is simple, you just throw out all counted balls at the start of a training session and when it's over, you just collect them and re-count. Until you don't keep count of the beginning amount of balls, you don't let players go home until they find all the balls.

If you use same color of balls for every categories, then it usually happens that one or two balls per one training session get lost. As long as on that day for example three categories are having their practise, then in one day you can lose up many balls.

That's why we think and we have really good experiences that it's worth to buy different colours for every category. At the end you will save more money and time, because otherwise, you need to re-buy them two or three times a year.

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