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News OxDog 24/25 collection

Jul 2, 2024, Thomas

OxDog, one of the leading brands in the world of floorball, brings its latest collection for the 2024/2025 season, offering cutting-edge technologies and innovations to achieve maximum performance on the field. With new top models, innovative designs, and the new GATE blade, OxDog presents revolutionary options for their fans' floorball experiences.


The main novelty for this season is the brand new top model EXTREMEFAST, which takes the floorball stick to a whole new level. Thanks to the innovative High Speed Technology (HST), the EXTREMEFAST offers incredibly fast shaft response, allowing players to achieve even greater speed and accuracy in the game. The combination of the HST Carbon shaft and the double carbon FSL blade guarantees maximum performance and control over the ball.

HST (High Speed Technology)

  • HST is an innovative technology that OxDog implements into their floorball sticks to maximize speed and control during play. This technology is designed to provide players with a faster and more accurate response during the game and to enhance their ability to achieve better results.

  • Specifically, HST focuses on the response speed of the floorball stick shaft, which is a key factor for the speed and accuracy of shooting and ball handling. Thanks to advanced materials and construction, the floorball stick shaft can respond more quickly to player movements and provide better control over the stick and ball.

  • In practice, this means that players using floorball sticks equipped with HST technology can achieve greater shooting speed and accuracy, which is crucial for success on the field.


The OxDog EXTREMEFAST HST 27 GR ROUND MBC2 is the main floorball stick from the EXTREMEFAST HST series! This floorball stick represents the pinnacle of OxDog's floorball stick offerings. The stick is developed using High Speed Technology (HST), providing exceptional speed, power, and performance. Thanks to the advanced HST carbon, every shot and pass is more accurate and faster.

The EXTREMEFAST HST floorball stick is designed with a high emphasis on speed and accuracy, making it one of the highest-performing floorball sticks on the market. It is available in lengths of 96 and 101 cm with a hardness of 27 mm. This flex is recommended for advanced players who require absolute precision and efficiency in their game.


OxDog continues this year with the creation of its most popular sticks. OXDOG HYPERLIGHT HES. The HYPERLIGHT HES shafts are made from premium and the lightest carbon - HighPressure carbon. To achieve the lowest possible weight, these sticks use a lightweight end cap, wrap, and light blade. The HYPERLIGHT HES sticks are among the lightest floorball sticks in the world. Hyperlight HES floorball sticks have no competition in the floorball world and are designed specifically for players who want the best! In this new collection, all HYPERLIGHT HES sticks are equipped with the Optilight Carbon blade.

Oxdog HYPERLIGHT HES 27 + Stickbag

The OxDog HYPERLIGHT HES 27 GN ROUND MBC is a floorball stick from the HYPERLIGHT HES series! This floorball stick is made from premium, the lightest carbon - HighPressure carbon. Thanks to the lightweight end cap, wrap, and light blade, it is among the lightest floorball sticks in the world. In the 101 cm size, it weighs 215 grams. It is available in lengths of 96 and 101 cm with a hardness of 27 mm, ideal for advanced players. This year's collection comes in a new design GN - green, which combines a glossy foil with a glossy finish.

This year we offer this floorball stick in a super set with the OXDOG OX1 STICKBAG. In this great set, you get not only the HYPERLIGHT HES floorball stick but also a practical OXDOG OX1 STICKBAG.


If you're looking for top performance, look no further than our Ultralight HES. Ultralight HES shafts achieve perfect balance: they are incredibly responsive and powerful. The HES technology perfectly completes it all. This technology combines innovative materials and construction techniques, allowing players to achieve maximum speed and accuracy on the field.

This season, the Ultralight HES collection comes in a stylish black-gold combination, which is also used on the FSL (FastShootLight) blade with gold carbon plates. This series of floorball sticks is characterized by exceptional design and functionality, allowing players to fully utilize their potential.

The Ultralight HES series is designed for players who want to achieve the best performance and enjoy the game at the highest level. With innovative technologies and elegant design, these floorball sticks are the perfect choice for every demanding player.


The OxDog ULTRALIGHT HES 29 BK ROUND MBC2 is the perfect choice for players who want to achieve top performance. This floorball stick combines the latest technologies with an elegant design, making it one of the most sought-after on the market. With a HighPressure Carbon Shaft that ensures maximum durability and lightness, and HES technology for fast and accurate shots. The ROUND profile provides a comfortable and firm grip that suits every player. The modern black design with black-gold elements gives the floorball stick a stylish look.

Don't wait! Get the OxDog ULTRALIGHT HES 29 BK ROUND MBC2 and experience incredible performance on the field. This floorball stick is ideal for those who want to dominate the game with ease and precision.


Wide collection, now with a new GATE blade! This lightweight collection is now equipped with the new OxDog GATE blade, which is among the highest-performing blades in the world. The SENSE HES & LIGHT shafts are designed for players looking for the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. Thanks to HES (High Energy Shaft) technology, these floorball sticks provide maximum energy transfer with every strike, ensuring fast and accurate shots.

This season, the collection comes in the attractive Bleached Red color, which is not only popular but also highly visible on the field. The SENSE HES & LIGHT floorball sticks are also available in an extended version of 108 cm, which is not approved by the IFF but is ideal for training and recreational play. The new OxDog Gate blade provides maximum performance and control, while the HES technology ensures optimal energy transfer and precise shots. The lightweight design is ideal for players requiring speed and accuracy, and the stylish look in the attractive Bleached Red color perfectly complements this collection for the 2024/2025 season.

Oxdog SENSE HES 29 BR SWEOVAL MB + Stickbag

Are you looking for a top-notch floorball stick and a practical bag in one? The OxDog SENSE HES 29 BR SWEOVAL MB + Stickbag Set is the right choice. This set offers the highest quality you need to achieve the best performance on the field.

The OxDog SENSE HES 29 BR SWEOVAL MB floorball stick with HES (High Energy Shaft) technology ensures maximum energy transfer and precise shots. The SWEOVAL profile provides a comfortable grip, ideal for players with larger hands. The elegant Bleached Red color adds style and professionalism.

This floorball stick is equipped with the new OxDog GATE blade, which provides excellent control over the ball and allows for fast and accurate shots. Along with it, you get the OXDOG OX1 Stickbag, ideal for safely carrying up to 3 floorball sticks. The Stickbag has a spacious main pocket, an adjustable strap, and is made of quality polyester for maximum durability.

Get this set at a promotional price and be prepared on the field with the best equipment. Buy it now and take advantage of this great offer!


100% PERFORMANCE The FUSION & FUSION LIGHT floorball stick series is designed to provide maximum performance with lightness. This extensive range combines lightweight construction with high performance thanks to Light Shaft technology. The sticks are equipped with the Avox blade, which provides excellent ball control and shooting accuracy. Thanks to the lightweight LC (Light Cap) end cap, handling the floorball stick is even easier.

The FUSION & FUSION LIGHT series brings top performance and lightness in one package. With Light Shaft technology, the Avox blade, and the lightweight LC end cap, these floorball sticks are ideal for players who want maximum control and speed. Junior models with the pre-curved Block blade ensure that even young players can benefit from this series.

Experience lightness and power with the FUSION & FUSION LIGHT floorball sticks and improve your game performance to the maximum!

Oxdog FUSION LIGHT 32 DG ROUND NB + Stickbag

If you are looking for a great set of a floorball stick and a practical bag at a good price, the OxDog FUSION LIGHT 32 DG ROUND NB + Stickbag Set is perfect for you. This set combines a high-performance floorball stick and a quality bag, making it an ideal choice for every floorball player.

The OxDog FUSION LIGHT 32 DG ROUND NB floorball stick is lightweight and powerful thanks to Light Shaft technology, which ensures fast and accurate shots. The ROUND profile provides a comfortable and firm grip, which every player will appreciate. The floorball stick is equipped with the Avox blade, which provides excellent ball control and allows for maximum shooting accuracy.

The set also includes the OXDOG OX1 Stickbag. The Stickbag has a spacious main zippered pocket, an adjustable strap for comfortable carrying, and is made of high-quality polyester for maximum durability.

This set is now available at a super price, which means you get a top-notch floorball stick and a practical bag at a very good price. Don't wait and buy the OxDog FUSION LIGHT 32 DG ROUND NB + Stickbag Set today!

Buy it now and take advantage of this great offer!

New GATE Blade

The new OxDog GATE blade is a revolution in the world of floorball. This blade is designed to provide maximum performance and control during the game. Oxdog GATE is a new force among floorball blades, developed with the wishes of top players in mind, who demand a powerful and very stiff blade designed for shooting. The GATE blade boasts a 9.5 mm concavity and an innovative perimeter frame design which increases torsional stiffness by +20%, especially in the front of the blade.

With a perimeter frame design that creates an X-lock effect when in contact with the floor, impact energy is more efficiently transferred to the ball, resulting in harder shots and increased passing speed. The GATE floorball blade weighs a mere 70g and features a new shape with a -2mm open tip, offering an impeccable finish to each of your goal attempts.

The GATE floorball blade is the ideal choice for shooters who like precise and powerful shots. This blade allows perfect ball control and accurate shots! Try out the new GATE floorball blade from Oxdog and see that your shots will be harder and more accurate than ever. Also available in a CARBON variant.

OXDOG Bags and Stickbags

Looking for a quality and practical solution for carrying your floorball equipment? OXDOG bags and stickbags are the ideal choice. They offer an attractive design, high functionality, and durability thanks to quality materials.

Among the best products is the OXDOG OX1 Stickbag. This stickbag is designed to hold up to 3 floorball sticks, making it a perfect solution for every player. The main zippered pocket provides ample space, while the durable polyester ensures long-lasting use. The adjustable shoulder strap offers comfortable carrying.

The OXDOG OX1 Stickbag combines spaciousness and practicality with a modern design, so it not only looks great but also provides maximum protection and comfort for your floorball sticks. This bag is a perfect choice for players looking for a reliable and stylish accessory for their equipment.

Buy your OXDOG OX1 Stickbag and experience comfort and quality at every step!


For the 2024/2025 season, when it comes to goalie equipment, OxDog does not bring any entirely new products to its collection. However, this does not mean that the brand has lost its top position in the world of floorball goalie equipment.

OxDog continues to stay at the forefront of sales, and its goalie equipment is still considered some of the best on the market. Thanks to years of experience and an uncompromising focus on quality and innovation, it has earned the trust of players and professionals worldwide.

Although there are no new items in the goalie category this year, OxDog's existing products continue to offer top-quality materials and design, helping goalies achieve maximum performance and safety on the field. OxDog maintains its reputation as a brand that constantly monitors trends and player needs to continue offering the best goalie equipment on the market.

OxDog remains a stable force in the world of floorball equipment, and its goalie products are still synonymous with excellence and quality.

OxDog thus reconfirms itself as a top brand in the world of floorball, continually innovating and bringing players the best equipment for their floorball performances. With the new 2024/2025 collection, we can look forward to an even more exciting and successful floorball season.

Today we introduced the new collection from OxDog. If something caught your eye but you're not sure, don't hesitate to contact us at the email address: , where we will be happy to assist you! ;-)

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