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The New FLOORBEE 24/25 collection

May 24, 2024

We are excited to bring you the latest from FLOORBEE, known for its motto "Want to be the best? Play with the best!" and once again, they have not disappointed us with their innovative solutions and high-quality products. Now you have a unique chance to be among the first to get these new products!

The FLOORBEE brand has gone through a revolutionary design and technological transformation that moves their products to the absolute top in the field. Thanks to these fundamental innovations, FLOORBEE is now among the most prestigious brands on the market. And now FLOORBEE has presented its new collection for the 2024/2025 season. This collection is full of breakthrough innovations and improvements that are sure to excite you.

FLOORBEE now offers three new blades - Bomber, Bombee and Bombstr that deliver superior control and precision. The new Maven shaft is made using the most modern technologies such as SPACE FORCE SHAFT technology for even better performance. The collection also includes new products in the Falcon Semi series, which boasts a new shaft and a new shaft surface for better design and playing comfort. Metallic colors dominate the entire collection, which gives the equipment a modern and stylish look. If you're looking for equipment that will help you achieve your best performance while not breaking the bank, you've come to the right place. Let's see what all the new FLOORBEE has to offer!


For those who want to be the best!

Elite players, step up! MAVEN ELITE SERIES is here, bringing floorball sticks made of premium 100% Space Carbon material. What does that mean? Incredible lightness and strength that takes your game to a new level. SPACE FORCE SHAFT technology allows you to shoot with tremendous power while keeping the ball under perfect control. The FLOORBEE MAVEN ELITE 27 Space Carbon model weighs only 183 grams – it couldn't possibly be lighter.

For maximum durability and strength, Kevlar fibers have been added, which prevents excessive brittleness of the sticks. FLOORBEE floorball shafts are made from high-end modular Japanese carbon fibers. These fibers are not only lighter, but also stronger than traditional carbon and glass fibers, resulting in superior performance and incredible durability.

FLOORBEE MAVEN ELITE SERIES represents the pinnacle of floorball technology and design, allowing you to achieve the best results and become a true champion. If you are looking for the best that the current market has to offer, then the MAVEN ELITE SERIES is exactly what you need.


FLOORBEE MAVEN ELITE 27 Space Carbon is the flagship of the MAVEN ELITE series, designed for elite players seeking top-notch equipment. This floorball stick is one of the lightest on the market, weighing only 183 grams in sizes 96 and 101 cm with a hardness of 27 mm. This flex is ideal for advanced players who require a combination of lightness and strength for extremely fast play. Manufactured from 100% Space Carbon material, which ensures not only unmatched lightness and strength but also extreme durability.

If you need a softer stick, FLOORBEE MAVEN ELITE 29 Space Carbon for you. This floorball stick is also equipped with top components such as the lightweight BOMBER blade, Hexa Light Sticky Grip wrap, and 100% carbon material.


Innovation at every step!

If you're looking for something that will take you even further, reach for the TYPHOON PRO SERIES. These clubs combine 100% carbon fiber with advanced shaft reinforcement technology, which means great performance, durability and lightness. The special handle design and optimal weight distribution ensure that you feel at home on the court.

The models in this series are characterized by extreme lightness, which is ideal for all players. For juniors and children, there is the model FLOORBEE TYPHOON PRO 30 Carbon Light, which is a real gem of this collection. This floorball stick is light, perfectly balanced and affordable – it delivers the quality you normally find in other brands at twice the price. Thanks to the new BOMBER blade, these clubs offer excellent control and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for young players looking to improve their skills.

The TYPHOON PRO SERIES builds on the successful Falcon Pro series and brings even more innovation and technological improvements. This series is designed to push the boundaries of performance and comfort, allowing you to achieve the best results on the court.

If you are looking for floorball sticks that combine top technology, lightness and durability, then the TYPHOON PRO SERIES is exactly what you need.


This excellent stick is adorned with the BOMBER blade. It features a very modern blade with the latest design, which adds maximum functionality. As you can read further in the article - this blade suits all types of players. If you are interested and want to see more floorball sticks with this blade, check out all floorball sticks with the BOMBER blade.

We have great news for you, this stick also has its siblings:

As you can see, the TYPHOON sticks are truly for everyone!


Ideal for the strongest players!

The FLOORBEE Falcon SEMI series is ideal for players who do not require complete lightness, but are looking for a heavier stick for maximum power and longevity. These poles combine 40% carbon fibers with 60% glass fibers, providing the perfect balance between strength and durability. The FLOORBEE Falcon SEMI clubs are designed to withstand intense play and provide players with maximum power on every shot.

If you are looking for a floorball stick that will last a lifetime and allow you to hit hard shots with incredible accuracy, then the Falcon SEMI series is the right choice. This club is heavy enough to provide the stability and power hitters need, yet durable enough to handle even the most demanding game situations.

FLOORBEE Falcon SEMI 27 Carbon Composite

The FLOORBEE Falcon SEMI 27 Carbon Composite is an ideal choice for players looking for a light and durable stick. This floorball stick has a flex of 27mm and weighs only 242 grams, making it a fast and agile option for intense play. The round handle ensures comfortable grip, while the medium-light JET blade allows for precise shots and effective ball control. The high-quality Tyre Sticky grip provides excellent grip, and the IFF certification confirms international quality standards. If you play in an aggressive environment, this is the floorball stick made just for you!


A great choice for everyone!

DOUGLAS SERIES are floorball sticks made of 100% fiberglass, which ensures high strength and durability. These clubs are a universal choice for everyone - from beginners to advanced players. If you are looking for a balanced club that will give you accurate and hard shots, the DOUGLAS SERIES is the right choice.

FLOORBEE Douglas models feature the popular JET blade, ideal for all shooters. Regardless of your playing ability, you can't go wrong with a DOUGLAS floorball stick. It is designed to suit different playing styles and the needs of players of all skill levels.

If you want a reliable and versatile floorball stick that won't let you down, the DOUGLAS SERIES is the best choice for everyone.

FLOORBEE Douglas 32 Blue

This model, like all others in this series, is adorned with the JET blade. FLOORBEE JET is a floorball blade developed for shooting! The JET blade is among the best-selling blades and we recommend it to all shooters, especially those who like to shoot with a sweeping shot.


Ideal for young talent!

The ALBATROSS SERIES features floorball sticks that are designed specifically for young players. The clubs in this series are made from 100% fiberglass which ensures their strength and durability so they can withstand even the most intense matches. These floorball sticks are equipped with a junior BOMBEE blade, which is shorter and ideal for small players, for example in schools. The FLOORBEE ALBATROSS 36 BLACK/GREEN model is light and durable - perfect for developing floorball skills.

In this series you will also find Albatross Starter floorball sticks, which are intended for children from 3 years old. The philosophy of the FLOORBEE brand is to bring quality products that allow children to learn to play good floorball at a reasonable price. With the ALBATROSS SERIES clubs, young players can develop their skills from an early age.

FLOORBEE Albatross 36 Black/Green

FLOORBEE Albatross 36 Black/Green is the ideal floorball stick for young athletes, combining lightness and extreme durability. Weighing just 183 grams for a 75 cm stick, Albatross 36 is one of the best children's sticks on the market. Designed for basic to advanced training, these sticks offer ideal conditions for dribbling, passing, and shooting, making them an exceptional tool for any young floorball player seeking quality and reliability.

Floorball blades FLOORBEE

The main news is the BOMBER blade, which is a prime example of lightness and precision. This blade is designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging players who seek perfect control over the ball and maximum shooting efficiency. Weighing only 70 grams and thanks to its specific design and material, it provides excellent balance and dynamics, which allows players to achieve faster and more accurate shots. This blade is ideal for players preferring a dynamic style of play and slap shooting.

The second novelty is the BOMBEE blade, specifically designed for young players and beginners. Weighing only 57 grams, BOMBEE is one of the lightest blades on the market, ideal for those learning the basics of floorball and needing a blade that provides easy handling and control.

Besides these news, we also offer the JET blade, which is traditionally popular among players looking for a combination of lightness with high strength and durability.

Goalie Equipment FLOORBEE

Comfort and protection in one!

Goalkeepers, get ready for a revolution in your equipment! FLOORBEE introduces the brand new Goalie Armor 3.0 and Padded Landing 3.0 sets that set a new standard in protection and comfort. These latest goalkeeper kits feature a modern design and exceptional quality padding that provides maximum protection and comfort even during the most demanding matches.

Goalie Armor set 3.0 - Black/Blue

The Goalie Armor 3.0 set is equipped with advanced materials that absorb shocks and ensure that you are protected in every tackle. The ergonomic design allows for unrestricted mobility, so you can move quickly and efficiently around the field. In addition, the new carefully crafted padding ensures that you will feel comfortable throughout the match.

Padded Landing set 3.0 - Black/Reflex Yellow

Set Padded Landing 3.0 also brings an extra layer of protection with an emphasis on comfort. This set is also designed to provide goalkeepers with confidence and comfort in every movement. With a new attractive design and high-quality materials, this gear is not only highly functional, but also stylish.

Both sets are made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity even with intensive use. With modern technologies and an emphasis on detail, FLOORBEE provides goalies with equipment that not only protects but also helps improve their performance.

FLOORBEE Bags, Packs, and Backpacks

Stylish and practical!

Don't forget about new bags and bags! FLOORBEE offers a wide range to satisfy the needs of every floorball player. From stickbags to toolbags, there's something for everyone. FLOORBEE bags are designed not only with style in mind, but also with practical use in mind. They offer many pockets and compartments for maximum organization of your things, so you will always have everything clearly organized and at hand.

Quality materials ensure long life, so you can count on durability and strength even with frequent use. The modern design gives your equipment an elegant look that will look great at every training session and match. Wearing comfort is guaranteed thanks to ergonomic straps and padding that reduce the burden on your back and shoulders.

  • FLOORBEE Shotgun 3.0 JR lime silver - This floorball bag in a modern lime-silver design is made from high-quality material that ensures its longevity and durability. The bag can hold up to three floorball sticks and offers comfortable carrying thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • FLOORBEE Shotgun 3.0 black/silver - The elegant black-silver design of this bag is ideal for adult players seeking style and functionality. Made from high-quality material, this bag provides space for floorball sticks up to 104 cm in length and an external pocket for balls.
  • FLOORBEE Pilot Case 3.0 black/silver Toolbag - This classic toolbag offers a spacious main zipper compartment with several inner pockets for small items and wet clothing.

Floorball court equipment:

A complete solution from FLOORBEE!


Runway 2.0 is a revolutionary surface for floorball that is smooth, non-slip and excellent shock absorption. This ecological and recyclable surface does not contain any harmful substances. The boards are easily connected into a solid unit and are available in 11 colors, including the popular menthol. With RUNWAY 2.0, you get not only great game properties, but also a long life and the possibility of use in the winter months.


Floorbee Dock is an innovative collapsible floorball goal that can be set up quickly and easily anywhere. It is equipped with safety features and made of durable steel, which guarantees a long life. Ideal for schools, sports departments and your garden, the Floorbee Dock combines practicality and reliability at a great price.


The SHOTCOOLER STOUPA 3.0 is your best training partner. This solid polyester sheet has five holes of different sizes to improve shooting accuracy. Thanks to the simple attachment with Velcro, you can start training immediately. Reinforced material and modern design guarantee maximum durability and performance.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your new gear and get ready for the best season of your life! If you have any questions, write to us at , where we will be happy to advise you. We wish you a successful season with FLOORBEE products!

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