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Supplements for a healthy brain and better memory

Samotný mozog je jedným z najdôležitejších orgánov v našom tele. Jeho zložitosť a funkcie sú neuveriteľne široké, zahŕňajú vytváranie spomienok, procesy myslenia, reguláciu emócií a mnoho ďalších kľúčových aspektov nášho života. Prečo teda potrebujeme podporu mozgu a pamäte?

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Life Extension
Neuro-Mag® Magnesium L-Threonate 
Dietary supplement with magnesium 
In stock from 35.09 £
Luteolin Complex 
support of healthy memory and cognitive function 
In stock 16.48 £
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 
brain and nervous system health 
In stock 13.10 £
Life Extension
Cognitive function and brain health 
In stock 38.60 £
More variants

Quicksilver Scientific
DR. SAHADE'S Thrivagen 
herbal support for a hormone balance 
In stock from 51.94 £
Life Extension
healthy cell structure 
34.30 £
Life Extension
Healthy stem cell function 
36.97 £
More variants

Acetyl L-Carnitine 
brain and nervous system health 
In stock from 15.49 £
More variants

Life Extension
Super-Absorbable Ubiquinone CoQ10 with d-Limonene 
CoQ10 for cellular energy production with enhanced absorbability 
from 21.98 £
Life Extension
Vitamin B12 
support for brain and heart health 
In stock 8.20 £
Life Extension
For cell metabolism, vitality, and anti-aging support 
In stock 26.42 £
Life Extension
Super Selenium Complex & Vitamin E 
Support cellular health with three forms of selenium 
In stock 11.73 £
muscle health and recovery 
5.93 £
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 
herbal support for the brain 
6.53 £
Herbal Extract Memory Complex 
memory and brain support 
22.54 £
Brain Essentials 
memory support 
15.75 £
Cognizin Citicoline 
Memory and Brain Support 
55.11 £
Life Extension
Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites 
Omega-3 supplement 
20.15 £
AuroraBlue Wild Alaska Blueberry Complex 
antioxidant support 
13.55 £
Supplements for a healthy brain and better memory

Supplements for a healthy brain and better memory

The brain itself is one of the most important organs in our body. Its complexity and functions are incredibly broad, including memory formation, thought processes, emotion regulation, and many other key aspects of our lives. So why do we need brain and memory support?

The reasons are as follows

  • Maintaining optimal brain function: The brain is constantly active throughout our lives. Supporting proper brain function is key to maintaining its performance and ability to perform complex tasks.
  • Memory Enhancement: Memory is a key element in everyday life. Dietary supplements designed to support memory can help improve the ability to remember information and events.
  • Protection against brain aging: With advancing age, there can be a natural decline in cognitive functions. Brain supplements can help protect the brain from the negative effects of aging.
  • Supporting emotional health: The brain plays a key role in regulating emotions. Proper brain nutrition can help maintain emotional balance and reduce the risk of mental disorders.
  • Improving concentration and cognitive abilities: For many people, having a sharp mind and ability to focus on tasks is important. Brain supplements can help improve concentration and cognitive performance.

Boost your cognitive function with supplements!

Having a healthy brain and mind is essential for a healthy body. Therefore, it also makes perfect sense to supply it with all the nutrients it needs to function optimally. So taking care of your brain health means taking care of your cognitive, neural and memory functions.

As we age, some decline in cognitive function is inevitable—but you can take steps to prevent it.

Top 10 food supplements for brain support

  1. Nootropics: For better cognitive performance - They help improve brain performance, memory and attention.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin: These macular carotenoids are nutrients found in large amounts in the macula of your eyes. But they're also present in your brain, and studies show that lutein and zeaxanthin can help how your brain works, supporting spatial memory and improving attention scores on cognitive tests.
  • Gotu kola: Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) extract has been extensively studied for its cognitive benefits.
  • Water hyssop: Many people take nootropics because they need to learn something. Water hyssop (or Bacopa monnieri) is very popular for this purpose. Improves attention, concentration and recall.
  1. Peppermint: When you need to focus - Contains rosmarinic acid for better concentration.
  2. Peprmint: To revive your mental powers - Helps increase mental stamina and focus.
  3. Dopamine: For the healthy function of neurotransmitters - Maintains a healthy mood and supports memory and attention.
  4. Lithium: Dispels cobwebs - Helps eliminate cognitive problems.
  5. Magnesium: To increase brain "plasticity" - Improves memory and learning ability.
  6. Pregnenolone: For a youthful brain - Maintains youthful mental functions.
  7. Sage: To support cognitive function - Improves attention, working memory and memories.
  8. Vinpocetine: For healthy blood circulation to the brain - Increases concentration and memory.
  9. Ashwagandha: For stress management and better cognition - Improves mood and concentration.

Overall, supporting the brain and memory through appropriate dietary supplements is a way to keep this key organ in optimal condition and improve the overall quality of life.

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