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Floorball stick

More information
black / gray / orange
Blade hooking:
Left (left hand down)
Right (right hand down)
Stick length:
96cm (=106cm)
101cm (=111cm)
104cm (=114cm)
2 years
Versions Fat Pipe RAW CONCEPT 27 JAB FH2
Color Blade hooking Indicates which hand is holding down the stick
More information
Stick length The first number indicates the length of the shaft and the second the length of the shaft including the blade. Free shortening the stick!
More information
Availability Price
black / gray / orange Right (right hand down) Right hand below 101cm (=111cm)

In stock (1 pcs)

147.96 €

black / gray / orange Left (left hand down) Left hand below 96cm (=106cm) till 4 days

147.96 €

black / gray / orange Left (left hand down) Left hand below 101cm (=111cm) till 4 days

147.96 €

black / gray / orange Left (left hand down) Left hand below 104cm (=114cm) till 4 days

147.96 €

black / gray / orange Right (right hand down) Right hand below 96cm (=106cm) till 4 days

147.96 €

black / gray / orange Right (right hand down) Right hand below 104cm (=114cm) till 4 days

147.96 €




Raw Concept is a technology that can create light sticks, this technology brings the lightest floorball sticks in the world.

Normal carbon shafts have six or seven layers of the carbon fibers, each layer being 0.15 mm thick. The Raw Concept floorball stick has 11 layers of the carbon fiber, each only 0.07 mm thick. The use of more extremely thin layers ensures that the shaft has the required flexibility and elasticity while maintaining a very low total weight.

"RAW" means the stick technology refers to the raw design of its surface. Polishing the stick is a final treatment in which the upper carbon fibers can be broken. This will not happen with unpolished floorball sticks! Unpolished floorball sticks have a higher quality than polished shafts. The negative factor of this procedure is design errors, such as the fact that the surface of the stick is uneven and bubbles are visible on it.

Fat Pipe JAB

Jab blade is the most successful floorball blade from Fat Pipe. Although the entire blade is slightly pre-bent, the most important is the bend of its tip. This pre-bend forms a cup, giving you better control over the ball.

This cup on the tip of the blade will help you greatly in the technique and in the handle. Also thanks to this tip your slapshot will be great! Jab is a medium concave blade. So the blade is very rigid and you can shoot with really huge power!

Even though the blade is concave, its backhand side is quite flat, so it will fly well with the backahnd. Its weight is 71 grams.


FH, or factory hook means the factory pre-bending of the blade. It doesn't matter if this blade is JAB, ORC, PWR or BONE. FH technology (bending) can be applied to any blade. So what is FH? FH is a simple pre-bend of the blade. The classic manufacturing process ends when the blade is extruded. FH bending continues. The blade is heated up and its tip bends inwards and down. According to the degree of bending, we distinguish 2 types of FH bending:

  • FH2 - slight bending of the tip of the blade
  • FH4 - significant bending of the tip of the blade

The blade modified in this way will help you with handles, passing, wrist shooting and a little bit also with sweeper shoot, but it is not significant for sweeper shoot. There is almost no difference between a slap shot and a backand game compared to the original version of the blade.


WTB Grip is made of anti-slip material that absorbs sweat very well. Grip fits in hands superbly and doesn't slip. Its disadvatage is that there is no perforation and it doesn't absorb a sweat very well like other grips. The grip is between the Sticky grip and the Raw Concept grip. The grip is a combination of three materials:

  • black - material providing softness and comfortable holding of the stick
  • white - material for high moisture absorption
  • grey - material with high adhesion

Key properties:

  • maximum comfort
  • width 2mm
  • extra long life

Is not perforated.

Key features
Season: 2020/2021
Flex: The lower number, the harder shaft
More information
Grip: WTB
Sticks material: Indicates the material used for producing the shaft
More information
Handling shape: Indicates the shape when holding the stick
More information
Blade name: Jab FH2
Blade Hardness: Indicates the hardness of the blade
More information
Medium - lightweight
IFF Certification: yes
shaft type: straight
Carbon content: 100 % carbon
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Peter Shooter
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+44 330 808 5845
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