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Exel is back!

Dec 7, 2020, Thomas

The first EXEL floorball stick was made in 1993. Quite quickly, EXEL became one of the leading floorball brands. Unfortunately, the owner of the company was changed and with him the vision of the company. This step badly affected EXEL. Recently, EXEL has changed its owners again. The new owner has decided to continue where the original brand ended, so today we can present to you the new EXEL collection.


The E-FECT is a new Exel blade. This blade was made in Finland. The E-FECT meets the requirements of modern style of play. The blade has a concavity of 8.5 mm and a high degree of pre-bending.It has a distinctive concavity along the entire playing surface, starting directly at the heel of the blade and running all the way to the tip. This concavity improves ball handling. It keeps the ball stuck to your blade and at the same time it adds extra power to the shot release. This is the most curved blade made by Exel. The E-FECT is one of the most modern blades in the world.

Exel has reduced the blade material, so the weight is 79 grams. The blade has almost no reinforcement, so the blade has 20% less air resistance. The result is more accurate shooting - especially for sweeper shots. The blade has a reinforced heel, which allows you to shoot with very high power.

The E-FECT blade helps you with both slap and sweeper shooting. We recommend it to all players who want to become sharpshooters.


Chameleon is the name of the new AIR blade. This new variant has a UV contrasting material on its surface, which reacts to UV radiation by changing color - The blade changes color from white to red / blue when the sun is shining. Therefore, the word "CHAMELEON" is in the name of the blade.


The blades are done, let's talk about floorball sticks! The EXEL E-LITE WHITE 2.6 ROUND MB is the name of the new floorball stick from Exel. This floorball stick weights only 185 grams and has a flex of 26 mm. The E-Lite is one of the lightest floorball sticks in the world. The stick is perfectly balanced. The shaft is made of first-class carbon fibers. The unique combination of lightweight components is something very special that you won't find anywhere else. This excellent stick is equipped with the new E-FECT blade.

As an alternative to this stick, Exel has prepared the EXEL E-LITE WHITE 2.9 ROUND MB. which is a softer stick. It is produced in sizes of 96 cm and 101 cm. Don't forget that you can find it in an oval variant as well.


The new model line of floorball stick for this season is called IMPACT SERIES. This model line includes 100% carbon sticks. Exel has reworked the structure sticks to optimize the balance and strength of each shaft type. They have also improved the weight control for the various stick models. Exel has create a range of lightweight stick models with both a great balance and durability. It is called MPRF TECHNOLOGY, and makes it easier than ever to choose a perfect stick.

MPRF Technology is the method of folding the carbon fibers The individual fibers are carefully folded, a process which ensures that the stick is strong and impact resistant. This floorball stick is stronger and at the same time lighter than comparable sticks on the market. This process makes an interesting design element of the sticks as well.


This floorball stick is suitable for players who want to play with a lightweight and solid carbon stick. It is produced in lengths of 96 cm and 101 cm. Its weight in the size of 96 cm is 214 grams. This floorball stick has excellent weight and awesome strength, so you don't have to worry about your floorball stick even in an aggressive environment. The EXEL IMPACT BLACK 2.9 ROUND MB! is equipped with the new E-FECT shooting blade. We also have great news for players who don't like the round handling very well. You can find the EXEL IMPACT BLACK 2.9 ROUND MB in an oval version as well.

As a harder alternative, Exel has created the EXEL IMPACT BLACK 2.6 103 DROP OVAL MB. This is the same quality stick, just in a different size ( 103 cm). So don't forget to look at it!


The X-Play is probably the best known stick series by Exel. Good performance and excellent reliability have made this stick series a very popular product. X-Play sticks are made of carbon and a special kind of fiberglass. These sticks are lightweight and at the same time very strong, so you can use them in aggressive play as well. This year's X-Play series is based on 2 sticks:

The sticks are very similar and you can find both in an oval version as well. The only difference is in the lengths and of course in their hardness. The EXEL X-PLAY BLACK-YELLOW 2.9 ROUND SB is produced in the sizes 96 cm and 101 cm, while the EXEL X-PLAY BLACK-YELLOW 2.6 101 ROUND SB can be found only in the sizes 101 cm. These floorball sticks are equipped with the X-Blade! The X-Blade is a modern blade with a modern design and maximum functionality. The X-Blade helps you with ball control and shooting accuracy. We recommend it to all players who want to become sharpshooters. If you want to see more floorball sticks with this awesome blade, look at all floorball sticks with the X-blade blade.

If you want to try another option we recommend you the EXEL A-GAME WHITE-ORANGE 2.6 ROUND SB, or the EXEL A-GAME WHITE-ORANGE 2.9 101 ROUND SB!

Goalkeeper equipment EXEL

Now it's time for the goalie. The new Exel goalie equipment is called TORNADO GOALIE GEAR. TORNADO i is a very comfortable and durable professional goalkeeper equipment. It helps you even during the most difficult matches and training. This is an exclusive goalie set with lots of accessories and details for the most advanced goalies. The new season is in the new blue/black design. The quality of these products is world-class and among the best that can be found on the market. Both the pants and the jersey are comfortable and thus enable professional performance.

Bags, Backpacks and Bags

Exel has prepared 2 series of stick bag, backpack and bags for you:

The GLORIOUS BAG LINE is in a very attractive black/white design, where the Exel logo is displayed in grey. The second, STREET BAG LINE has an attractive design, based on the yellow color in the EXEL logo. In both cases, these are high-quality products that are comfortable and effective and which fulfil your expectations of floorball bags, bags and backpacks!

Today we have presented a new Exel collection. If you are still unsure about your choice and would like some advice, do not hesitate to contact us at: , where we are ready to advise you! ;-)

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