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  • Season: 2014
  • Flex: 26mm
  • Sticks material: Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Handling shape: Round
  • Blade Hardness: Medium hard
Blade hooking
Stick length
Availability Price
Left (left hand below)100cm (=110cm) Sold out
Left (left hand below)95cm (=105cm) Sold out
Right (right hand below)100cm (=110cm) Sold out
Right (right hand below)95cm (=105cm) Sold out
Left (left hand below)96cm (=106cm) Sold out
Right (right hand below)96cm (=106cm) Sold out


Stick Unihoc from the new series Cavity Zone. Cavity blade is specially excavated in the tip, which better holds the ball and creates space for better placement of missiles and sophisticated possession. The blade is therefore a further excavated blades like Salming QUEST2, X3M Xplode, Exel X-Blade or Exel Chill!.

TOP LIGHT technology gives priority to the major clubs - the ease with which the stick is perfectly manageable.

Weight reduction helps new carbon fiber, which also ensures strength and durability.

Hardness rod provides the appropriate deflection for players who already have experience with floorball. Efficiently transmits power into the hands of missiles. Suitable for hard shooter.