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Floorball rinks Unihoc PREMIUM & BASIC ´16

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Floorball cushions PREMIUM & BASIC

A new type of cushion Premium and Basic, sets a new standard for floorball rinks sustainability in terms of materials and design. Requirements always grow with the development of the sport , so we are glad that we can introduce these new high quality cushions.

It is made in accordance with modern trends , particularly sustainability , cushions are of high quality and durable for a long time. The design combines 6/4 mm hard plastic and aluminum poles that creates a lightweight construction with high strength. The coupling mechanism between different parts of the board is also made ​​of aluminum for optimum durability.

Cushions are designed with the user in mind , so we have created a very stable course for all levels, purposes and spaces . To the rear of the cushion we added a rugged plastic plate that makes the barrier and thus the whole field very stable , even over bumps and contacts, so the risk of tipping over is very low. Once assembled , the whole course equal parts and one-piece corners to form a stable complex that holds the normal course and shape minimizes reflections unpredictable ball.

Premium Cushions have an upper edge in shiny neon orange color to visibly distinguish up from the surface. Basic constraints have an upper edge in black. He was also selected new shiny plastic surface to create a completely new look of the course and polished aluminum construction adds a sense of quality that has a cushion that we were looking for.

Course Premium / Basic has 8 special cushion having an upper edge in different white color that outline areas for substitution. This gives the hall a pitch more professional and visible appearance. The complete Premium / Basic course to the substitute bench consists of 4 parts per team .

Complete field is transported on one truck with 6 stable wheels. Also included is a second truck ( attached at the top of the boards ) for optimal use depending on the lobby or the environment .

Glossy plastic surface facilitates the ability to add marketing logos , which are very easy to stick ( and demolish ) . The ability to have a logo on the back side of the board , opens up more options and increased marketing value for the audience in the hall. The corners are supplied with our logos Zone or Zone are included in the price.

An important part of our new concept cushion the assembly process . Cushions are lightweight , easy to handle and locking mechanism is easy to understand. As seen in the figures , due to elastic ropes is easy to combine parts together a good-looking way. Spare 10 pieces of elastic rope is supplied free of charge.

The whole set of boundaries consist of:
- 40 pieces of rail 2.5 m
- 4 x 1.5 m barrier
- 4 pcs cushion corner
- 2 carts with wheels