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Zone floorball Hyper AL 29 AVICII ARENA

Floorball stick
Air concept Air Concept is the collective name for ZONE lightweight sticks. All sticks in this group combine lightweight shafts, lightweight blades and lightweight grips...
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Versions Zone floorball Hyper AL 29 AVICII ARENA
Product code Color Blade hooking Indicates which hand is holding down the stick
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Stick length The first number indicates the length of the shaft and the second the length of the shaft including the blade. Floorball stick can be shortened on request for 5.3 €!
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Availability Price
black Left (left hand down) Left hand below 87cm (=97cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
43883 black Left (left hand down) Left hand below 92cm (=102cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
black Right (right hand down) Right hand below 87cm (=97cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
black Right (right hand down) Right hand below 92cm (=102cm) Sold out This product can no longer be purchased and we cannot guarantee its availability.
Zone floorball Hyper AL 29 AVICII ARENA

Air concept

Air Concept is the collective name for ZONE lightweight sticks. All sticks in this group combine lightweight shafts, lightweight blades and lightweight grips. This combination makes Air sticks one of the best balanced sticks in the world. In this group you can find sticks with the following technologies:

  • Light - lightweight glass fibers/composite
  • Ultralight - the composition of the shaft (carbon/fiberglass) is between 40%/60% and 80%/20%
  • Superlight - 95% carbon / 5% glass fibers
  • Curve - carbon/carbon fiber-reinforced composites
  • Air - glass fibers


Light ist die Bezeichnung für einen der ersten leichten Unihockeyschläger von Zone. Schäfte mit dieser Bezeichnung sind sowohl stark als auch sehr leicht. Zone legt bei ihnen Wert auf perfekte Balance und hohe Haltbarkeit. Sie sind die perfekten Unihockeyschläger speziell für den Hobbysport, die aus zwei Grundmaterialien hergestellt werden:

  • Fiberglas: Ein starkes Material, das den Unihockeyschläger stärker macht und die Kraft vom Schaft auf das Blatt und damit auf den Unihockeyball besser überträgt.
  • Verbundwerkstoff: Verbundwerkstoff ist eine Mischung aus Kohlenstoff und Glasfasern. Sowohl Kohlenstoff als auch Glasfasern haben positive und negative Eigenschaften. Um die besten Eigenschaften zu erhalten (Leichtigkeit von Carbon und Festigkeit von Komposit), werden diese beiden Materialien kombiniert. Es gibt Kombinationen in verschiedenen Verhältnissen. Je höher das Verhältnis von Carbon zu Komposit, desto besser sind die Eigenschaften des Unihockeystocks. Andererseits, je mehr Glasfaser, desto stärker der Unihockeystock und desto besser die Kraftübertragung.
  • Sklolaminátu(skelného vlákna): Pevný materiál, vďaka ktorému je florbalka pevnejšia a lepšie prenáša silu zo shaftu na čepeľ a tým aj na florbalovú loptičku.
  • Kompozitu: Kompozit je zmes karbónu a sklolaminátu. Carbon aj sklené vlákno majú kladné aj záporné vlastnosti. Pre získanie tých najlepších (ľahkosti karbónu a pevnosti kompozitu) sa tieto 2 materiály kombinujú. Kombinácia môžeš nájsť v rôznom pomere. Platí čím vyšší pomer karbónu oproti kompozitu, tým lepšia má florbalka vlastnosti Na druhú stranu čím viac skleného vlákna, tým je florbalka pevnejšia a lepšie prenáša silu.


The Hyper blade is purely a shooting blade, especially great for Slap shot and Sweeper shot. The blade has a large pre-bend and a concavity of 10mm, making this blade one of the Zone blades with the highest concavity. The Hyper has a large cavity with a distinct recess that helps you with your shot - especially with the Sweeper Shots. This cavity results in a less accurate backhand shot, but the blade makes up for this on the forehand side, where its accuracy is 100%. The large concavity and pre-bend positively affects your ball control.

The blade is constructed in such a way that the ball flies out of it with absolute precision and, most importantly, very quickly. The heel and backhand side is reinforced, which keeps the blade in original shape and the ball in a precise path during the shot.

The blade weight is 77g, which together with the rigid frame adorns this great blade. Its disadvantage is the backhand shot. The Blade neck continues down into the blade as a wide wedge towards the bottom edge of the blade. This makes the heel really stable and you can put your full force into the shot.

Zone floorball Air grip

The Zone floorball AIR grip is made of high quality and durable material that provides excellent grip and comfort when holding a floorball stick and is designed with the needs of modern players in mind, offering innovative technologies for maximum performance and comfort.

This grip has a stylish look. It is designed to conform well to the shape of the floorball stick handle and provide a solid and stable grip. With its surface texture and sticky surface, it will help you maintain a secure and firm grip even when your hands are sweaty.

The Zone floorball AIR grip is not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional. It provides protection for your hands from friction while increasing stick control and allowing for precise ball handling. With this grip, you can achieve better performance while enjoying comfort during play.

The Zone floorball AIR grip is a great choice for any floorball player who wants to achieve better control of their floorball stick.

Add it to your shopping cart and get better grip and control over your floorball stick.

Key Features:

  • Highly adhesive surface.
  • Non-slip.
  • Thanks to the technology used, it absorbs sweat very well.
  • Comfortable to the touch.
  • Lightweight to keep weight down.

Not perforated.

Key features
Season: 2023/2024
Flex: The lower number, the harder shaft
More information
Grip: Air grip
Sticks material: Indicates the material used for producing the shaft
More information
Carbon fiber-reinforced composites
Handling shape: Indicates the shape when holding the stick
More information
Blade name: Hyper
Blade Hardness: Indicates the hardness of the blade
More information
IFF Certification: yes
Weight: 221g
shaft type: straight
Carbon content: 80% carbon, 20% glass fiber
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