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Peter Shooter Floorball specialist
Peter Shooter
Floorball specialist

+44 330 808 5845
At workdays: 8:00-16:30
Digestion and metabolism

Digestion and metabolism

A healthy digestive system is essential for the absorption and optimal use of food and all its nutrients in the body.

Maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria plus healthy levels of digestive enzymes and an effective pH balance can optimize not only your digestion, but the health of your entire body.

What can you do to support healthy digestion?

  • The key is to eat balanced, healthy meals and not overeat.
  • If you suffer from intolerance to certain foods, avoid them.
  • Avoid eating until two hours before bed.
  • Exercise regularly and don't drink** excessively alcohol.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can improve your digestion.
  • Enough water is also important.
  • Managing stress can also help.

What dietary supplements support digestion?

  • Digestive enzymes, including those that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats, support healthy digestion.
  • The stomach also needs enough hydrochloric acid to break down food.
  • Gut health supplements, digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride can be consumed before meals to promote optimal digestion.

How can you support digestion?

  • The amount you eat at one time may be more important than the types of food you eat. Try to eat small portions and eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly.
  • Avoid too fatty foods. Acidic foods such as tomato sauce and citrus fruits and spicy foods can cause occasional indigestion.
  • Avoiding processed, packaged foods is a good idea for digestive health and overall health.
  • Alcohol should be avoided or limited to a small amount.

Key digestive enzymes and their functions

  • Pepsin - Secreted by cells in the stomach lining; in combination with stomach acid, it helps break down proteins into peptides in the stomach
  • Trypsin - Trypsin comes from the pancreas and intestinal lining and is secreted into the duodenum (upper part of the small intestine), where it breaks down peptides created in the stomach into amino acids.
  • Chymotrypsin - A digestive enzyme originating from the pancreas and intestinal lining, it is activated by the action of trypsin and helps to break down proteins
  • Proteases - Secreted by the pancreas, they facilitate the breakdown of proteins into amino acids
  • Amylase - Present in saliva and also secreted by the pancreas, it breaks down complex carbohydrate molecules into manageable sugars
  • Lipase - Present in saliva and also secreted by the pancreas, it facilitates the breakdown of lipids (fats) into usable components
  • Lactase - Secreted by the cells lining the small intestine, it helps break down lactose (milk sugar)
  • Papain (from papaya) - Supplements help protein digestion
  • Cellulase - It is produced by "friendly" bacteria in the intestines and helps digest cellulose and other plant components

Healthy digestion and fast metabolism are the basis of overall health and vitality. Proper functioning of the digestive system helps the body absorb nutrients from food and eliminate waste products. A fast metabolism, in turn, supports the burning of calories and maintains body weight. Dietary supplements designed specifically to support digestion and metabolism can be a useful tool for optimizing these processes.

Dietary supplements for digestion and metabolism contain a number of key ingredients that can provide the following benefits

  • Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes such as pepsin, amylase and lipase help the body break down food and facilitate digestion.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are live bacteria that support healthy intestinal microflora and digestion.
  • Fiber: Fiber improves intestinal transit and helps regulate stool.
  • herbs for digestion: Some herbs such as long pepper, nettle or fennel, have traditionally used properties to support digestion.
  • Metabolic boosters: Some supplements may contain ingredients that promote fast metabolism and help burn calories.
  • Vitamins and minerals: B vitamins and minerals such as zinc and chromium are important for proper metabolism.
  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E protect cells from free radical damage and support digestive health.

It is important to remember that digestive and metabolic supplements should be used as a supplement to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. You should consult a health professional before taking these supplements, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication."

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Peter Shooter Floorball specialist
Peter Shooter
Floorball specialist

+44 330 808 5845
At workdays: 8:00-16:30

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