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The floorball blade is practically a key part of every floorball stick, which has a major influence on the overall characteristics of the game. It significantly affects the way the game is played. Most floorballists place less emphasis on the properties of the shaft itself and focus more on the properties of the blade.

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The floorball blade is practically a key part of every floorball stick, which has a major influence on the overall characteristics of the game. It significantly affects the way the game is played. Most floorballists place less emphasis on the properties of the shaft itself and focus more on the properties of the blade.

Blade models

The Salming range includes four basic blade models that cover a wide range of player needs. The choice of blade is completely subjective and depends on the preferences of each player, including the favorite bend, concavity or shape of the blade. In a fundamental way, we divide the blades into straight, universal and pre-bent. Other blades that are not mentioned here are only on sale and therefore we will not cover them.

Salming Raven

  • universal blade with small concavity
  • slightly pre-bent tip that enables quality work with the ball
  • suitable for a wide range of players
  • based on the most popular Salming blade Quest 1
  • it is very well played with both forehand and backhand
  • weight in Endurance material 72 g, Touch Plus 70 g

Salming Quest 1

  • universal blade with small concavity
  • slightly pre-bent tip, which enables quality work with the ball
  • suitable for a wide range of players
  • Salming's most popular blade
  • it is very well played with both forehand and backhand
  • thanks to the Torsion Lid System technology, the blade is stronger in the foot (filling the spaces between the grids in the foot)
  • in the case of the Touch Plus material, it is reinforced in the upper and lower grids

Salming Flow

  • highly curved blade (9.4 mm recess)
  • rigid in torsion (twist)
  • suitable for pull shot
  • excellent ball control
  • thanks to the bend and deepening, it is an excellent partner for shooting and technique with the ball

Salming Hawk

  • comes from blades Quest 2
  • highly curved blade – the curve extends from the base to the tip (the most curved blade from Salming)
  • very good thrust shots
  • more difficult passes and backhand shots (due to the large avoidance of the forehand)
  • structured forehand part (knurling that prevents the ball from spinning on the blade)
  • reinforced middle rib
  • there is a claw on the tip of the blades, which enables easier pull-ups and loops
  • weight in Endurance material: 76 g

Blade material

The blade material is another parameter that affects the overall feel of the blade/floorball. You can currently buy blades in two materials - Endurance and Touch Plus. Other materials are only sold after sale.


  • The Endurance material is described as medium hard. It is used as standard on most Salming models and is one of the most popular variants among players. So if you don't know which blade material to choose, you will definitely not make a mistake. Unprecedented durability, low friction and fantastic playability. We recommend this material as universal.
  • Good rebound during the shot - the energy of the shaft is well transferred towards the blade
  • Feels harder than the Touch Plus material
  • Can be hit

Touch Plus™

  • The Touch Plus material is referred to as soft. This is the softest blade material from Salming. It is a mixture developed for even more sensitive processing and fine technique. The ball does not bounce off the blade as much as it does with hard blades. We recommend this material for rubber surfaces.
  • Feeling for the balloon - supports working with the balloon
  • Soft processing - the ball does not bounce so much
  • Less response of the blade during the shot - not as much energy is transferred from the shaft towards the blade
  • Can't hit well - returns to original state

Types of blades

When choosing a floorball blade, it's important to keep in mind that each blade is designed to suit different playing styles and player needs. The following information will give you a detailed insight into each type of blade to help you make a better decision.

1 Shooting Blades:

  • Features: These blades are optimized for shooting. They have a curved design with a deeper concave indentation (bend) which maximizes the contact area with the ball.
  • Advantages: Thanks to the deeper concave and curvature, it is possible to lock the ball better and create more spin when shooting. This allows players to shoot faster and more accurately.
  • For whom it is suitable: For players who prefer to shoot from a distance or those who are looking for maximum performance when shooting.

Do you want a shooting blade? Check out: all Salming shooting blades

2 Universal blades:

  • Characteristics: They have a medium curvature, which means they offer a good compromise between shooting and technique.
  • Benefits: Thanks to the balanced design, these blades are suitable for a wide range of game situations - from shooting to dribbling.
  • Who it's good for: It's a good choice for all players looking for flexibility in their game and for those who don't want to sacrifice either shooting or technique.

Salming Quest 1

This is the player's most popular blade from the Salming brand. The biggest part of the popularity of this blade is its versatility. You can shoot and record well with it in all ways. The blade gained this versatility also on the basis of its curvature (not too much, not too little, just right.). If we add to this fact a slightly pre-bent tip of the blade, we get my favorite and successful blade played by Kim Nilsson - one of the best and most famous floorball players. He has been offered new blades several times - Hawk, Raptor, but Kim Nilsson always refused them and stayed with his Q1 blade.

Do you want a universal blade? Check out: all Salming universal blades

3 Technical Blades:

  • Characteristics: These blades have a flat design, which increases sensitivity and control over the ball.
  • Benefits: With minimal concave indentation, tricks, dribbles and short passes are easier to execute.
  • Who is it for: They are ideal for players who want to specialize in ball control, technical skills and tricks.

The important thing to remember is that your blade choice should reflect your personal playing style. For example, if you are a gamer who prefers to shoot, a shooting blade will probably be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a more technically minded player, a technical blade will probably be the best choice. Universal blades are then a great starting point for those who are unsure of their play style or prefer multi-purpose.

Do you want a tech blade? Check out: all Salming technical blades

Discover a wide selection of designs and flexes that will allow you to find the right blade for your individual needs. With Salming blades you are ready for every floorball challenge that awaits you.

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