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Back to stickbags and bags?

May 25, 2017

Toolbag boom

Few years ago, floorball brands introduced long bags, so that the floorball players could pack all their equipment to one place. There was no need to wear a separate bag with a stick and the rest of the equipment (such as suits, clothes, towels, etc.) in the bag. This long bag has been called toolbag and it became very popular. Many players consider it as the indispensable part of the floorball player.

The problem - toolbag is pretty bulky

Many floorball players already have a toolbag, but they have definitely met with some space problems as in a changing room, car or at home. We don't have to forget about scoliosis or uneven shoulders which might be caused by wearing a toolbag on the one shoulder. There is a good solution - just use the stickbag and the backpack or bag on the back. We do not have to forget about the special toolbag which is intended to be worn on both shoulders - LEXX Schweiz

In last two years the interest in toolbags is weeker and some players are coming back to an old stickbag with bag. The backpacks are also a popular solution popula, because they are very comfortable to wear and ergonomic.

Stickbag examples:

Duffel bag and backpack examples:

Toolbag examples:

What is your experience with the bags for floorball? Can you ride a bike with a toolbag? :-)

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