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How to train floorball at home?

Mar 19, 2020, Thomas

Finally soon or later the period of Coronavirus will come to end. The competitions will start again and the players equipped with the floorball skills will be one step further.

The first step is to find a place at your home where you can practise. You should have a minimum of three steps to each side. You need some space to turn around with your floorball stick in your hand.

The next step is to choose the skill you want to practise at home. In floorball, you can focus on two basic trainings:

  • a fitness training
  • a technique training

We will discuss the fitness training next time, now we look at training and improving your technique.

Ball Training

Dribbling is one of the most basic skills you should master. It makes it difficult for the opponent to guess what you intend** - pass or shoot, right or left, forward or back. You can dribble long or short, but you should be strong in both skills. Other dribbling skills are:

  • ball controlling
  • coordination
  • dodging
  • quick responding

All these skills can be practiced with the My Floorball Skiller. t is a professional tool for all floorball players who want to improve technique. You can adjust the Skiller to different angles, allowing you to change your workouts. This Skiller has an attractive design in three different colors and many numbers for interactive training. To improve your skills **you can combine this Skiller with My Floorball Training app **, which you can download from the App Store (APP STORE, Android - Google play).

Passing Training

For each collective ball game, passes are the main part of the core skill set that you should master. The pass consists of two basic parts:

  • Receiving the ball so that it does not jump away from the blade.
  • Hit accurately the teammate's blade by ball.

We can also help you with the passing training. Look at My Floorball Passer - the world's first floorball passer with a patented rebound system Passer is a two-way tool. It can improve your forehand and backhand passing. The ball returns to you at real speed, so itshould fully replace your teammate. Each Passer gets stickers with three different colors and many numbers. You can combine the Passer with My Floorball Training (available in APP STORE, Android - Google play). This APP will help you to improve your passing.


The last and most important floorball skills is shooting. With this skill you score a goal and win matches. You should not only shoot at every training session but also spend your free time with this. There are two basic types of shoots in floorball:

  • a slap shot
  • a sweeper shot

Don't  worry about shooting, eFloorball can help you improve the skill as well. The best tool for shooting practice is the floorball goal. If you don't have one yet, have a look at our range of floorball goals. The best option for your training is Floorbee Terminal IFF 160x115. This goal has the IFF certification. It means that you will practice shooting to the same goal that you will shoot at matches.

But if you do not have enough space at home we can recommend you the FLOORBEE Stable Dock 90x60cm, which is a smaller copy of the big Terminal.

Do you have to train in your room? The best choice for you is the FLOORBEE Private Dock 90x60 - folding floorball goal! The Privat Dock is a light folding goal. You can fold and unfold it in 1 minute. So it is the ideal choice for training at your home. You pull out the goal, you train, and when you're done, you can hide it under the bed or behind the closet.

You can use several options to increase your shooting accuracy. The basic option is to use floorball targets My Floorball Target Pro. This is the set of 6 targets made of plastic. You can simply add the targets to your goal and place them as needed.

The alternative of these targets is the goal buster. The goal buster has become more popular mainly because of its lifetime period. It is a rigid 100% polyester with five holes. Each hole has a different size. These sizes are scored. The largest hole has 40 cm and 10 points. The other 4 holes have smaller and smaller size.

Training floorball surface FLOORBEE RUNWAY ZONE

These were the basic skills you can practise at home. You should check your training surface before you start to train. Of course you can train on any surface, but some surfaces are more suitable than others.

If you take your floorball stick outside on the street your floorball stick will be damaged and after a few workouts you will have to buy a new blade.

For this reason you should choose surface designed and tested by professional floorball players and coaches. Exactly this is the FLOORBEE RUNWAY ZONE . The surface is high quality and durable. It can be placed on any surface inside or outside. It can withstand both lower and higher temperatures, so you can play during the whole year.

The size of the folded FLOORBEE RUNWAY ZONE is 200 x 100 cm. If this size doesn't suit you, check out FLOORBEE RUNWAY and make your Floorball training surface on your own!


Don't you have enough space for Skiller Zone at home? Check out the FLOORBEE Douglas 32 STREET set. This is a special set for STREET FLOORBALL. In the set you will find Floorbee Douglas. Douglas is strong and impact resistant stick with weight 217g. The set also includes 1 extra blade JET. All at a great price!

This set will help you practice on asphalt, so when quarantine ends, you can practice outside on your street!

Necy Bullet Pale Limited edition

Don't you have enough balls for your practice? Check out our special offer 0.60 € per 1 floorball ball. Bullet is a special surface ball that is based on a golf ball. Thanks to testing of aerodynamic properties and its development, the ball is faster than other balls. Let’s have a look at Special Necy Bullet Pale Limited Edition. The pictures are just illustrative because each ball has unique color due to special process called crossing colors.

Balls are 100% quality, only in different shades of colors! Do you want more than just one piece? Get our ball set!

Today we showed you how to train at home and improve your floorball skills. If you are still not sure and want to advise, do not hesitate to contact us at: , where we will be happy to help you! ;-)

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