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New collection Salming 2019/2020

Aug 21, 2019

Salming Raptor blade

According to the latest news Salming decided to introduce the new Raptor blade. This blade is a light and flatter blade. Salming recommends this blade to all players who like strong and quick shots and fast feint. The Raptor blade allows also a good ball handling on the backhand side. This blade resembles its youngest predecessor - the blade Salming Hawk, but it's not entirely true. The Salming Raptor blade is more straight compared to Hawk or Quest 2. All longitudinal ribs of the Raptor blade are T-shaped to ensure perfect stiffness of torso. There are three solid fields at the lower edge, which also support the blade stiffness. Designers were able to save the most weight on a thinner frame along the entire blade and on the heel. The blade heel is hollowed on the backhand side.

Salming Quest1

When talking about blades, we must not forget the most favorite Salming blade, which continues into the next season. This is Quest 1 blade. It is the most popular player blade from Salming. Quest Blade 1 is the development phase of the Quest Blade series. Its versatility bears the greatest share of the popularity of this blade. You can shoot and pass with it in all ways. This versatility of the blade is caused by its curve (not much, not little, just right). Additional feature of the blade is slightly bent tip. This blade is used by Kim Nilsson (one of the most famous floorball players) because of these characteristics. He has been offered new blades several times - Hawk, Raptor, but Kim Nilsson has always refused them and stayed loyal to his Q1 blade.

Salming backs away from the blades Quest2, Quest3 and Quest5

We'll stay with the blades for a moment! Salming decided to back away from its earlier models of the blades Q2, Q3 and Q5. Why? They have replaced them by newly created blades.

For example the Quest 2 blade is an older model, which will be replaced by the Hawk blade. These two blades are identical in the shape, but the Salming developers have implemented minor enhancements in the Hawk blade. It makes this blade a real weapon on the field.

The Quest 3 blade is one of the less successful blades by Salming. The shots and passes are aqccurate, but the blade will not forgive you any technical mistake. Therefore it is certainly not suitable for beginners or younger players. This is the reason why Salming backs away from this blade.

The Quest 5 blade has extanded blade frame, so it gives more powerful impression. It goes well with both Forhand and Backhand. You have to lean into the blade while shooting a lot, then the shots fly fast enough.

Blade hardness

When we are at the blades, let's take a look at the hardness at Salming and let's make it clear.

There are three types of blades - hard blade, medium blade and soft blade. Because most players prefer a medium-hard blade, this hardness is originally fitted with most clubs. Each blade has this hardness stamped on the back end. The word hard, medium and soft is not embossed, but the blade has a stamped wheel. There is an arrow in this circle that points to the letters indicating the blade material. And now to divide the blades at Salming:

  • Hard - BioPower ™ The Power of Nature! This hard material is made from sugar cane. The added value does not only serve the environment, but the blade also stands out with its gaming qualities - the feel for the balloon and the sharp shot. The minimum bio-base is 96%!

  • Medium - Endurance ™ Medium hard blade. Exceptional durability, low friction and perfect playing qualities. Endurance ™ blades are originally used on most Salming sticks.

  • Medium soft - Touch ™ Soft blade. Touch is a blend of materials that contains 50% BioPower. The ball almost does not bounce from the blade, in addition to soft material does not take even when shooting.

  • Soft - Touch Plus ™ The softest blade material from Salming. Touch Plus is a blend developed for even more sensitive processing and fine technology. The ball does not bounce as much as it does with hard blades. We recommend this material for rubber surfaces.

If you are unsure about the hardness of the blade, you can find a detailed description in the Blade Salming. If you still want to advise, do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address: . We are here to help you.

Goalie equipment E-series

Salming has prepared a new series of goalie equipment. The E-SERIES™ powered by Poron™ - this new series of elite goalkeeper equipment by Salming was developed in cooperation with the world's best goalkeeper - Eero Kosonen.

Salming inserted the special memory foam PORON into this goalie equipment series. This foam provides excellent compression resistance and provides durable damping performance. Poron does not contain plasticizers and residual chemicals and is a well-formed material that does not become brittle. For goalies, this means that this equipment will not interfere with you, but it will adapt and at the same time fully protect you from the ball. The best thing about this material is that the impact absorbs energy and the ball does not bounce off as far as other materials. You can find PORON foam in these products: :

Restoration of the Tour Stickbag

Another news by Salming is restoration (after a one-year pause) of the affordable Tour Stickbag. Stylish bag for floorball sticks for a reasonable price. The bag holds 3 sticks. It is made in several color combinations for everybody:

Salming Shoes

Salming is one of few floorball brands that produces floorball shoes. Salming assumes that players regularly intensively use the shoes (2 times or more per week). The salming shoes provide more stabilizing features to minimize the risk of the injury even when extreme movement changes at the highest speed. The shoes have specifically reinforced stressed areas for the maximum comfort. Salming has expanded its repertoire for this season with the new Eagle and the Hawk Court models. Salming has now 6 types of indoor shoes:

  • Cobra Cobra shoes are combination of light weight, soft soles and stability. The rounded inner edge of the outsole allows greater inclination of the foot and reduces pressure on the toe edge. This allows the foot to bounce from more extreme positions. The shoes provide easier movement of the foot to the position that is common in low postures when playing floorball.

  • Hawk Salming Hawk are indoor shoes allowing low drop, unprecedented stability and reliable grip. The “skeleton” of the shoe is placed inside the shoe and is connected to the lace-up system, giving your foot great support. The new Soft FOAM offset midsole provides energy return and comfort at every step.

  • Viper Low-profile Salming Viper generations are characterized by excellent stability. The best of the expertise of indoor shoes is packed into this model. The sole is lightweight and flexibly responds to different types of surfaces. The shoes have reinforced area specially designed to slip the shoes for kneeling into blocks in floorball.

  • Eagle The first performance shoe made specifically for floorball. It is characterized by reinforced upper KPU for durability and stability. The EVA midsole includes the patented D30 lining - a high-performance material for shock reduction. The sole has a fishbone pattern that provides excellent grip. The shoes are made with the Salmings TGS62 / 75 philosophy. The shoes have an arc unit for better torque characteristics.

  • Falco The Salming Falco model is based on the Viper model. The three-layer upper with integrated exoskeleton keeps your foot where it should be. Special design of the upper of the shoe - outer skeleton stabilizes your foot and reduces the pressure on the joints. Salming Falco keeps the foot stable, especially in the soft parts of the foot where is a lot of pressure during change of direction (a high probability of injury).

  • Slide Salming Slide shoe is very lightweight shoe with excellent slip properties and maximum flexibility. The part of the toe area most used by the goalkeeper to move is padded and coated with a highly durable polyester nylon that provides excellent slip properties regardless of the floor surface quality. The sole is divided in two halves for better flexibility of the shoe when kneeling. The heel is reinforced at the back for impact of the foot on the surface. The comfort of the goalkeeper also provides asymmetrical lacing. The laces are hidden so they do not untie and the entire instep area is better protected during match.

Bellow you can find the low profile children's indoor shoes characterized by excellent stability. The best of the Salming developers' expertise on indoor shoes is packed with these models:

Limited edition for 2019/2020

Salming has prepared a limited edition of floorball sticks. This year we have 2 sticks. You can choose from two blades at these sticks. You can choose Hawk Blade or blade Quest.

Another positive of these floorball sticks is their price!

Welcome in the new season!

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