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School floorball equipment

Sep 21, 2023, Thomas

For more than 15 years we have been operating in the floorball world. eFloorball supports and expand floorball throughout the world. Our passion comes from the enthusiasm for the sport. However we do not support only big sports tournaments or clubs. We also support young athletes and especially we are trying to support and develop a school sport. Next generation is the most important for the floorball future !

We believe that high-end products are not only suited for a professional athletes, but this kind of products should serve in an environment where they can provide the most benefit. For these reasons, we have prepared this post to introduce products of  *a big durability and optimal price/value ratio.


How to choose floorball equipment for schools?

There is a lot of floorball equipment, but the most important are floorball sticks. So  the basic question is: "How to choose the right size and hooking of the floorball stick to your school?" Another post How to choose the right floorball can help you.

For school sports we have prepared the best sets in the price/performance ratio. To make your choice easier, we have added criteria of age to our floorball stick sets . . So if you choose sticks for your school, just pick the Floorball sets category and set our filter according to your students age.

Our floorball sets are primarily composed of 10 floorball sticks of the same size, but this is not the rule. In case of any requests to change these sets just contact us at our email address: . It will be our pleasure to help you and we adjust these sets right to your needs!

Floorball sticks for 1st grade of school

At the beginning of their floorball journey, young and beginners learn the basic skills. It is crucial for these players to practise the technique, holding, passing and shooting with this stick. At the same time, the stick in this age group is exposed to a large number of impact and "slashes", which are common when children learn to play and develop their floorball technique.

Floorbee Albatross 36

Therefore it is important to have both strong and light stick. These sticks should be strong to withstand these hard beginnings and be lightweight for playing. Exactly this is the Albatross 36 stick by Florbee. This stick is made especially for the youngest floorball players. Albatross 36 helps young and beginning players to start with floorball. This stick is made of a special type of fiberglass, individual fibers are carefully folded. This process ensures that the stick is strong, impact resistant and lightweight at the same time.

Another excellent feature (maybe the best one) of this stick is the blade. The stick is fitted with a professional JET blade. Swiss or Czech national team players play with this blade. The manufacturers usually put the cheapest blades on the sticks.The developers at Floorbee approached it differently and put the best they could on Floorbee children's sticks to improve a youngsters skills and For an affordable price.

In case of any requests to change the set, just contact us at our email address: . It will be our pleasure to help you and adjust this set according to your needs!

Floorball sticks for 2nd grade of elementary school 

The students of 2nd grade of elementary school have already some experience with floorball. These students are higher and heavier, so it is appropriate to switch to other (especially longer) floorball sticks. Despite their experience, they are usually not at the level of professional players, so an aggressive game can be also expected There is common contact between players and their floorball sticks. This is the reason why we recommend composite floorball sticks for this age category. In the previous part of our post, we presented the Albatross 36 as an ideal floorball stick for the 1st grade, now let's have a look at the perfect product for the 2nd grade elementary school.

FLOORBEE Douglas 32 

Douglas 32 is inspired by the Albatross 36. This stick is made of a special kind of fiberglass, so it is highly durable. Thanks to its construction Douglas 32 can take players' technique to a higher level. This stick was tested directly in school gyms.

In case of any requests to change the set, just contact us at our email address: . It is our pleasure to help you and adjust this set to your needs!


Floorball sticks for high schools 

Douglas 32 is available in multiple sizes, so for junior+senior high school it is an advantage that the same type of floorball stick will serve them for both 2nd grade of elementary school children and for high school students. There are only few floorball stick as versatile as Douglas 32 in the floorball world. Thanks to its versatility this stick suits a large number of players.

However, if you want something above standard for your students, we recommend a carbon stick. Surely buying 100% carbon sticks for school gyms is not the best choice either because of their high price or above all because of their durability in the school environment. The best option is to buy the sticks with a combination of carbon and fiberglass, which contain more fiberglass than carbon. So for example Falcon 26 with 40% carbon and 60% glass fiber is an ideal choice. This combination ensures that the stick is lightweight, maneuverable (many players of the Czech floorball super league play with similar sticks) and strong at the same time.

In case of any requests to change the set, just contact us at our email address: . It is our pleasure to help you and adjust this set to your needs!

Floorball equipment for goalies

Goalie equipment is another integral part of floorball equipment. For goalkeepers we have two tips:

Both sets include high quality padded goalie pants and a high quality FLOORBEE jersey. If you choose the helmet option, in addition to the pants and jersey, you will also receive a Tempish HECTOR ACTIV goalie helmet.  


Knee pads are a must-have for floorball goalies, just as the mask is important. FLOORBEE SMASH PRO protects your knees. Catching without good knee pads is a huge strain on this joint, which is why no goalie should be without knee pads. These pads are a very popular type that provide excellent comfort and protection at a reasonable price.

The Knee pads are made of neoprene material. The leg fixation is provided by 2 elastic Velcro straps. The knee is protected against impact and hard ground by 4cm thick padding.

The shape of the pads is pre-adapted to the bent shape of the knee. This means that they follow the shape of the knee perfectly and fit as tightly as possible. This makes the pads comfortable and keeps them perfectly in place.


Finally, a gloves with a perfect feel for the ball. The gloves are designed to do all the normal activities associated with the goalkeeping "profession". The STICKYHOLD gloves have a contoured cut and perfect fit on the hand. These gloves are smooth and made of stretch fabric and rubber. The palms of the STICKYHOLD goalie gloves is made of silicone-coated rubber material.

Each element is designed to provide a perfect fit, offering freedom of movement and comfort in use, the gloves are tailored to the floorball goalie. The combination of materials used creates an effective ventilation system and ensures optimal air circulation, which comes in handy especially in warmer temperatures.

Next floorball equipment

We can't forget to mention the FLOORBEE Torpedo IFF match. This ball is the official ball of the Youth region representations finals and the official ball of the National championship of players U15. Teflon welding technology guarantees at least 20% stronger weld and longer ball life.

The Floorbee collection also offers a wide range of floorball goals for all types of floorball, whether you're looking for small folding gates or large solid construction with IFF certification. They have all you need!

It is important to note that Floorbee is the Czech company engaged in the development and production of wide range of floorball equipment. It means it does not produce only floorball sticks and goalie equipment, but for example also Floorbee floorball rinks which belong to the top quality floorball rinks worldwide. The Floorbee rinks are made of high-quality plastic to guarantee their strength. Floorbee floorball rinks are available in different color combinations, but white and black are the most popular. Floorbee uses the most modern Swiss manufacturing technique that guarantees weld strengths over 80-90%. This is almost the same strength as a continuous layer of a material without weld.


Runway 2.0 is a specialized floorball surface. The court is smooth, yet non-slip. It has excellent shock absorption. It is an ecological surface - no heavy metals, 100% recyclable, no wax, no polishes.

The basis of the FLOORBEE system is a title 200 x 200 mm. The tile is flexible, flexible and at the same time sufficiently strong and resistant to damage. The individual titles are joined together by means of locks at the bottom of the surface. The boards thus joined form a solid and compact unit without any gaps. If you need an irregular shape, you can simply adjust the tiles with a hand saw.

Floorbee offers its RUNWAY 2.0 surface in 11 colours. Among these colours you will find, for example: classic blue, red, but also black, white and the very popular menthol - the hit of our time. Anyway, with Floorbee you can combine the colours of the playground exactly to your liking! All colours are lightfast and the manufacturer gives you a 10-year guarantee.

Today we introduced you some of the best floorball equipments for school gyms. In case you are not sure about the selection and would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at: , it will be our pleasure to help you ;-)

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