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Unihoc 2020/2021

Aug 17, 2020, Thomas

The new season is coming. Let's take a look at the news by Unihoc! The biggest news is the new categorization of the sticks. For the first time over a decade Unihoc changed the structure of the stick lines - new categories are based on the shafts instead of the blades. This new categorization offers you a great opportunity to choose exactly what you need (the shaft and the blade)!

Furthermore Unihoc introduces new sticks lines SUPERSKIN and SUPERSHAPE. As the cherry on the cake Unihoc is also releasing the new ICONIC shooting blade This year Unihoc came up with a completely remade version of popular shoes U5 PRO MidCut Keep reading tp get more details :-)


Let's start with the best - The ICONIC blade! ICONIC is the brand new shooting blade by Unihoc.. This is the most aggressive blade of all Unihoc blades! Unihoc focused on the optimizing the shooting properties of the blade.

ICONIC has a distinctive concavity along the entire playing surface, starting immediately at the heel of the blade and running all the way to the tip. This concavity improves your ball handling. It keeps the ball stuck on your blade and at the same time it adds extra power in the shot release. The blade has a reinforced heel, it allows you to shoot with really big power.


Unihoc has introduced a completely new technology for a full range of elite sticks in the straight shaft lightweight category - called "SUPERSKIN line". Unihoc has reworked the structure sticks to optimize the balance and strength for each shaft type. They have improved also the weight control for the various stick models. Unihoc was creating a range of lightweight stick models with both a great balance and a durability. It is called "SOLID BALANCE TECHNOLOGY", and makes it easier than ever to choose a perfect stick.

SBT - SOLID BALANCE TECHNOLOGY is the most important technology in this model line. This new system will provide you a wide range of options from which you can choose your own perfectly balanced stick in all weight categories without sacrificing stability, strength and quality.

The second technology in the line SUPERSKIN is MULTILAYER INTERLACE STRUCTURE. This is a method in which Unihoc placed several layers and patterns of carbon fiber weave in the most efficient way possible to optimize the balance and strength in relation to the target shaft weight. Different layups of carbon fibers are used for different models, and the balance, strength and weight are fine tuned by adding various degrees of glass fiber to the construction. Under Superskin technology, you will find sticks consisting of:

  • MID 40% carbon / 60% glass fibers with weight 215 - 230 gg
  • REG 80% carbon / 20% glass fibers with weight 215 - 225
  • PRO 95% carbon / 5% glass fibers with weight 210 - 215 g
  • MAX 100% carbon with weight 205 - 210 g


ICONIC SUPERSKIN MID 30 is the best floorball stick in the MID category from the new SUPERSKIN model line. This stick contains 40% carbon/60% fiberglass and it is produced in  lengths of 87 and 92 cm. Because of its length and composition it is an excellent stick for juniors or women. The stick is lightweight (218 grams in size 87 cm) and at the same time very strong, so you can use it in aggressive play. The stick has grip SUPERSKIN and the most aggressive shooting blade ICONIC. All these factors make this floorball stick a real shooting weapon! 

Unihoc EPIC SUPERSKIN REG 29 white/purple

This floorball stick is suitable for players who want to play with a lightweight and solid carbon stick. Unihoc has prepared the whole category of sticks in this quality. They called this category as "REGULAR". If you would like to see other sticks, look at all REGULAR sticks. We have chosen for you the best floorball stick in this category - EPIC SUPERSKIN REG 29 white/purple. This stick is for all types of players because of its excellent blade. The Epic blade is an ultra-modern floorball blade with top class functionality. The frame has a classic Unihoc shape and with its clearly marked step between the frame and the bars it offers great ball control and improved shot release. The stick has the SUPERSKIN grip and it weights 220g. If we put all these factors together, we get a super stick that will help you in every situation!

If you look for a top stick made of pure 100% carbon, check the EPIC SUPERSKIN MAX 26 white/black. Unihoc produces this stick in two variants - classic or lightweight Feather Light (FL).

Are you looking forward to test some of these products? You have a unique opportunity with eFloorball!


This is the name of the new series where Unihoc has gathered their moulded shaft models and a unique oportunity to choose your favorite blade. This serie is based on AIR MOLDING TECHNOLOGY. AMT technology is the placing carbon fiber inside an iron moulding cavity and heating it and subsequently injecting air, this technology allows to shape the shaft int very specific creation like the EDGE CURVE, the HOCKEY shaft and the OVAL LIGHT shaft. This kind of a technological process gives Unihoc free hands in the production of sticks with different shaft shapes. You will now find shafts of the type:

  • Bamboo
  • Edge Curve
  • Curve
  • Oval Light
  • Straight Edge
  • Hockey

The technology is characterized by the composition: 95% carbon / 5% fiberglass and their weight ranges from: 215 - 230g.

EPIC Straight Edge Supershape 26 black/turquoise

The new type of floorball stick for this season is called EPIC Straight Edge Supershape 26 uses Straight Edge technology, which is based on a stick flattening. This flattening is place in the area at the bottom of the stick on the backhand side directly in the bending part. There are two parallel grooves that run along the lower part of the shaft's backhand side and move the flex point further down, which increases the kick effect in the shot.

Another option is to choose ICONIC TITAN Straight Edge Supershape 29 white/blue - an elite and high-quality shaft with the weight only 208 grams. The difference compared to the previous variant is a new shooting blade ICONIC which is made of Titan PP material. 

SONIC Hockey Supershape 26 black/graphite

SONIC HOCKEY is a stick included in new SUPERSHAPE series, the stick line that consists of only air moulded sticks. The model has a grip profile that is shaped like a hockey stick, and the shaft is very well balanced.  This is the first square grip stick by Unihoc.

There are several types of floorball stick profiles. You can get used to each of these types and there is no universal recommendation which one is the best. It is just a subjective feeling. A square holding profile is usually chosen by former hockey players.


TITAN SERIES was released last season and became one of the most successful lines by Unihoc. In summer 2020 Unihoc continues down the same beaten path (excellent design, immediately recognizable, clean appearance...), and adds new shaft models to the range - for example new ICONIC blade in the setup. This TITAN SERIES combines already mentioned elements in the lines SUPERSKIN as SUPERSHAPE.


This excellent stick is equipped with universal EPIC blade! Epic blade is a modern floorball blade with top class functionality. The frame has a classic Unihoc shape and with its clearly marked crossing between the frame and the bars it offers great ball control and improved shot release. This blade fits to all types of players. If you want to see more floorball sticks with this awesome blade, look at all floorball sticks with the Epic blade.

EPIC TITAN SUPERSKIN REGULAR 26 combines a perfect balance and the strength of SUPERSKIN model line and a blade made of TITAN PP material. TITAN PP will make your shoots faster and more accurate! So don't forget to check out the new TITAN SERIES!


Solid composite shafts with a high grade of top quality glass fiber is the key to the new COMPOSITE SERIES model line. This is the stick series for those who demand a solid, durable stick and offers both a great touch and quality. The Composite Serie is new this year and you can now choose from junior composite sticks and senior models with a different flex and blades, including a brand new ICONIC blade.

ICONIC Composite 28 white/black

ICONIC Composite 28 white/black is considered to be one of the best floorball sticks from COMPOSITE SERIES. It is produced in the lengths of 92, 96 and 100 cm. Its weight in the size of 96 cm is 245 grams. You can find this stick in the lightweight version with a PP blade, so it suits really everyone.  The stick is equipped with already mentioned new ICONIC blade and you will find the Elite grip on it. ICONIC Composite 28 white/black is made of 23% carbon / 77% fiberglass.

If you want to check another option we can recommend you EPIC Composite 26 black/white, or SONIC Composite 29 black/red, which is a softer stick.

U5 PRO shoe model

Recently Unihoc has released completely remade version of U5 PRO MidCut. These shoes will allow to do excellent movements. The shoe is designed to fit the foot like a sock and the feeling when wearing it is extremely comfortable. This shoe model features a new mid-cut celastic collar for a more locked-down fit. It tightens the foot and gives a great feeling of stability and increased awareness of the body's movements and interaction with the floor. 

If you are not comfortable with a medium-high shoe, look at Unihoc shoes. You will definitely choose from our shoes offer!

Goalie equipment INFERNO/KEEPER

Now it's time for goalie. Unihoc has 2 goalie lines. INFERNO is Unihoc premium goalie equipment. This is an exclusive goalie set with lots of accessories and details for the most advanced goalies. The new season is in the new white/neon red design.  The second lines is KEEPER. This goalie line have a new design too. You can have it in the black/white design. The quality of these products is world-class and one of the best that can be found on the market. Both the pants and the jersey are comfortable and thus enable a professional performance.

Bags, Rucksacks and Bags

The new stick bag, backpack and bags are in a very attractive black/white design, where the Unihoc logo is displayed in white. These are high quality products. The most interesting is Stickbag Unihoc Stick cover ECO. This stick bag is made of recycled polyester, which is environmentally friendly.

The second thing you might need to purchase is Unihoc Backpack TACTIC (with stick holder) black/white. This backpack is equipped with a special floorball stick pocket.

Today we presented the new Unihoc collection. Just in case you are still not sure about your choice and would like to advise, do not hesitate to contact us at: , where are ready to advise you! ;-)

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