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Unihoc 22/23

Jul 20, 2022, Thomas

The new season is coming and Unihoc has prepared a lot of interesting news for you! In this year's collection, Unihoc is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Unihoc is dedicating its anniversary to the Unihoc signature series. In addition to this series, Unihoc is introducing the ECO stick - my climate, floorball sticks with a thinner grip, the classic Carbskin series, the new Unilite blade and the lightweight Evolab floorball sticks. Let's take a look at these new products together.

Unihoc signature series

This signature series is created to celebrate Unihoc's 50th anniversary. You can find 4 of the most popular floorball sticks in this series, which are equipped with the popular Player and Player+ blades. For those who want a curved stick, there is the UNIHOC PLAYER CURVE 3.0º 26 GREEN/WHITE. If you like a light stick, the neon yellow UNIHOC PLAYER+ FEATHER LIGHT 26 YELLOW will suit you. Alternatively, if you like technology, the UNIHOC PLAYER+ BAMBOO 29 BLACK/RED is the floorball stick for you.

The Eco stick Myclimate

This floorball stick was introduced at the end of the 21/22 season, so you may have seen it in our shop some time ago. This is the 1st floorball stick made to reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacture. Everything that is manufactured has an environmental impact and leaves a carbon footprint. To keep this footprint as small as possible, Unihoc developed the ECO floorball stick using components that have the smallest possible negative impact on the environment. In addition, 20% of every floorball stick produced in this way, will be donated to myclimate to be used for their carbon offset projects around the world.

UNIHOC ICONIC ECO COMPOSITE 28 WHITE has a manufactured end cap without the end logo. The grip is unprinted and unembossed, as is the shaft of this floorball stick. Even the floorball blade of the Iconic is in this case made of 100% recycled PR plastic, which makes the blade for example also without printed logo. If you already have your floorball stick and you want only an ECO blade, take a look at the ICONIC ECO shooting blade or the EPIC ECO universal blade.


Speaking of blades, we have to mention the latest UNIHOC UNILITE blade. The Unihoc UNILITE floorball blade is exactly what it is called, a lightweight blade that weighs only 64 grams in the Titan-PP version. The emphasis with this blade is primarily on its weight. The construction of the blade is adapted to the lowest possible weight. The UNILITE has a thinner circumferential frame, a thinner and shorter neck and the blade is fastened with only one screw.

The UNILITE blade has a concavity of 8 mm and is significantly pre-curved throughout. This pre-curved starts just before the middle rib and continues towards the tip of the blade. The blade's pre-curve causes the back of the blade to be significantly bent, which obviously affects the backhand game. The blade does not provide enough surface area for the backhand game, so it is not 100% suitable for it. The UNILITE compensates for this with its forehand game, especially the sweeper shooting!

The blade is constructed in such a way that the ball flies off the blade very accurately and especially very quickly. The heel and backhand side is reinforced, which keeps the blade in shape and at the same time the ball's precise trajectory during the shot. The cavity of the UNILITE blade starts right at the heel and extends to the tip, which improves ball control - the ball sticks to the blade as if it were glued. We would recommend this blade to players who like to play with the ball and especially to sweeper shooters.


These floorball sticks were also introduced at the end of the 21/22 season, so you may have seen them in our shop some time ago as well. What do we actually know about UNIHOC EVOLAB sticks? Unihoc states in this stick's edition that after 50 years of development they have produced the lightest floorball sticks in the world. The weight of this floorball sticks is 165 grams (length 96cm (= 106cm)). Unihoc achieved this low weight by lightweighting the blade, grip, end cap and especially the shaft. They lightweighted the end cap by using less material. The end cap is so small that it may seem like no one is on the stick. This suits some players, but there are also players who need a bigger end cap because it helps them better control their stick. Its weight is only 3.4 grams. You can also find lightweight UNILITE blade on this stick. This is currently (year 2022) the lightest blade by Unihoc. Its weight is 64.5 grams.

The last part of the stick is its shaft. The shaft is made of carbon. There is 100% carbon in this shaft. To keep the weight as low as possible, the shaft is not colored and has minimum graphic design on it. The design of the stick is nothing interesting. It is simply a black-gray stick with a light inscription: "EVOLAB - TOP LEVEL FLOORBALL DEVELOPMENT". In addition to the absence of varnish and colors necessary for the design, Unihoc also removed the last layers of the carbon. The stick has therefore become lighter (and at the same time more fragile). This shaft now has a diameter of 23.8 mm.


Unihoc is expanding its SUPERSKIN range with another subcategory - SLIM. These shafts have the same features as all other SUPERSKIN shafts, with one exception - the shaft has a thinner grip profile than normal Unihoc shafts. Probably this is a new style of grip profile that Unihoc is testing. If this grip is successful, it will probably be here to stay. Eventually all Unihoc floorball sticks will switch to this grip profile. Currently the SLIM category contains only 2 floorball sticks:

The two sticks are almost identical, the only difference is their hardness and length. The UNIHOC ICONIC SUPERSKIN SLIM FL 29 is available in 92cm/96cm/100cm and the UNIHOC ICONIC SUPERSKIN SLIM FL 26 is available in 96cm/100cm/104cm. It's up to you which one you will buy. Alternatively, if you want a thinner grip on your floorball stick, you can look at OxDog sticks. These shafts also have a thinner handle profile.


Floorball shoes is the basic equipment of every athlete. It doesn't matter if you are a top athlete or a person who plays a few times per month. You just need floorball shoes. We have a great selection of sports shoes in all price ranges. If you can't find shoes at Unihoc, check out our ASICS shoe collection. From Asics shoes you can definitely choose!

Today we have shown new collection by Unihoc. If you are interested in something, but not sure, do not hesitate to contact us at , where we will be happy to advise you and together we will prepare for the new season! ;-)


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