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Limited edition for season 2019/2020

Oct 15, 2019, Thomas

Floorball season is running fast! The limited editions of floorball sticks and the brands are revealing more products now. We have prepared for you this list of 5 new limited sticks. Let's take a look at them together! If you would like to see previous limited editions, check [all limited editions all limited editions.

Floorball stick Salming Hawk Tourlite TouchPLUS SMU

In a limited series by Salming you will find Salming Hawk Tourlite TouchPLUS SMU floorball stick. This floorball stick stands out for its price. Salming Hawk Tourlite TouchPLUS is sold in the hardness of 27 mm, which makes it a medium-hard sticks. The sticks of this hardness are generally recommended for more advanced players (in general a stick with a higher hardness number is softer - easier to bend). You can choose between blades Quest 1 and Hawk.

Blade Quest 1 is the most popular blade among Salming blades. The Quest Blade 1 follows of the Quest Blade. The bending of this blade is just right (not much, not a little). The blade has a slightly curved tip and low weight. The Quest 1 has become one of Salming's most popular blades. Its quality is underlined by the fact that one of the best and the most famous players in the world - Kim Nilsson plays with this blade.

Blade Hawk has knurled forehand part. This knurling improves ball control on the blade and prevents unwanted spinning of the ball when shooting or passing. The tip of the blade has a "claw" bend that speeds up your ball working. Robin Nilsberth and Rasmus Sundstedt participated in the development of this blade.

Floorball stick Salming Hawk Composite 27 SMU

Floorball Stick Salming Hawk Composite 27 SMU is for all players who play floorball regularly and want a good and highly resistant stick. It will serve well to hobby players at the same time.

It is a classic stick with a beautiful design and hardness of 27 mm, which makes it a medium-hard stick. Floorball stick is made of the composite materials and thanks to this fact it perfectly fits in your hand, it does not slip and above all it is very strong and resistant against breaking.

The main advantage of this stick is its excellent price! Taking the price/performance ratio, there is no better stick!

The stick is sold with two blades - Hawk or Quest.

Blade Quest is historically the most popular blade by Salming. The Reinforced blade tip helps with floorball dribbling and filled the bottom part of the first half of the blade prevents unwanted flexing of the shot. Every player will also appreciate its very low weight. It is the medium hard blade with exceptional durability, low friction and perfect playing characteristics.

Floorball sticks Fat Pipe K.O. 26 Orange PWR SMU

Fat Pipe prepared a limited floorball stick K.O. Orange PWR SMU for this season. The stick has several innovations. The main news of this season is blades PWR.

PWR is the top blade for powerful shoots that allows smooth all handling. The PWR blade is a lightweight 6-rib structure that is pre-curved and slightly concave. The new PWR blade is longer than the Bone and Jab. More surface therefore more reach. The blade is concave from the backhand from the heel to the middle of the blade, which contributes to better backhand shooting. The blade is very concave in the forhand part, which gives you great possibilities when pulling and hammering. The blade PWR will be really successfull! This stick has excellent K.O. technology!.

The K.O. system means that the stick is made of carbon and at the most stressed part it is reinforced with glass fiber. This system makes the stick stronger therefore the stick should not break so easily and it is more durable and stronger. This technology moves the Kick Point below. The stick is heavier at the blade part and this difference gives the shot greater speed and power! Fat Pipe K.O. 26 Orange PWR is high quality stick for shooters. Thanks to the chosen technologies the stick will forgive you some technical mistakes.

Floorball stick Unihoc PLAYER + RE7 SUPER TOP LIGHT 27 BLACK SMU

Unihoc has also prepared a special edition. It follows the tradition and chose Rasmus Enström and Alexander Galante Carlström (some of the best players in the world) to develop its limited editions. Rasmus Enström has prepared a limited stick for you in four variants. Together we will look at PLAYER + RE7 SUPER TOP LIGHT 27 BLACK SMU.

SUPER TOP LIGHT is a designation for lightweight sticks. Special carbon fibers are used to make the floorball stick weight one of the lowest on the market.

This stick is fitted with Player+ blade. Player+ is a great blade not only for the shooting and passes, but it is also excellent for controlling the ball. This blade is concave and has a slightly curved tip and low weight. Player+ blade has become one of the most widespread blades by Unihoc.

Check all RE7 limited edition variants and choose your favorite one.

Floorball stick Unihoc EPIC GLNT TOP LIGHT II 26 SILVER SMU

The technology, blade, wrap and color of this floorball stick was picked by famous player Alexander Galante Carlström. For this season, this limited edition will be in silver, rose and black design. Alexander created two variants of the stick: TOP LIGHT II and Composite. Sticks are available in flex 26 or flex 30.

Floorball sticks TOP LIGHT II belong to the lightweight sticks. The special carbon used in the production of this stick makes the total weight of the stick much lower than by conventional ones.

COMPOSITE means that it is a heavier stick, but very resistant to breaking. If you are a player who prefers these characteristics, this option is right for you.

This stick is fitted up with the Epic blade, one of the most modern blades and popular by Unihoc. The blade frame corresponds to the classic shape of all Unihoc blades. The blade has a clearly marked crossing between the grids and the frame. This transition contributes to excellent ball control. The Epic blade is concave from tip to tail. The concavity is bigger than by the Unihoc Unity blade.

We have introduced 5 limited sticks for this season. For more check out all limited editions. If you are not sure about the best option for you and you would like some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at: . We are here to help you. ;-)

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