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News 2021/2022

Oct 15, 2021

Every player needs to renew their sports equipment, so we have prepared these latest products for you at the best possible prices! In today's article you can find not only new products for the season 2021/2022, but we will advise you which products are currently the most advantageous to buy as well. Now you have a unique opportunity to buy the latest floorball equipment at great prices! Check our article! You can find products sorted by brands and divided them into categories. All you have to do is choose!

Salming Flow

Let's start with the biggest news - the FLOW blade. The Salming Flow floorball blade is exactly what every shooter needs! This is a very light blade with an emphasis on its accuracy! The Flow blade is also excellent at the ball control. After all, that is why it was created. Salming Flow has a concavity of 9.4 mm. The cavity extends from the heel to the blade top. This blade is also pre-bent. This pre-bend starts in the middle of the blade and goes towards the tip of the blade. The tip then turns very slightly inwards and downwards as well.

The circumferential frame is taken from the blade Salming Quest. The ribbing is inspired by the blade Salming Raptor. All longitudinal ribs of the Flow blade are T-shaped, which ensures perfect torsional rigidity. Thanks to this, the blade can transfer energy to the ball well and provides you highly accurate shots. The shots are fast and accurate! The cavity at the Flow blade starts right at the heel and stretches to the tip, which can improve your ball control - it keeps the ball stuck on the blade. We recommend this blade to all players, especially shooters!

Only shaft

The next huge news is the sale of only shafts. Salming has started to sell only a shaft with a grip - without blade. You can buy a blade separately depending on which blade you prefer. You can get shafts in this design:

Powerfly, Powermid, Re Flex

In the new Salming collection, you can also meet these three new names. What do they mean? According to the official answer by Salming, this is only a new name for the existing series of floorball sticks. In addition to these new names, the original series names still exist. Salming probably doesn't want to make a mess in their floorball sticks, so Salming will change them gradually. The new names can be found here:

Of course, as usual, with the new collection comes a new design. (This season is marked by pastel colors.) Which is a traditional change by Salming. Salming makes big design changes between every floorball stick collection. They just want us to notice that the new collection is coming.

Salming Shoes

Salming also produces floorball shoes. The Salming shoes have as many stabilizing elements as possible to help them eliminate the risk of injury during your game. This new shoe collection is based on the Kobra, Hawk and Viper shoe models. There are a lot of new indoor shoes in this collection such as: Salming Viper SL Shoe Men Black, Salming Eagle Shoe Men White/RaceBlue or Salming Kobra 3 Shoe Men White/RaceBlue However, the changes for these shoes are only design.

But you have to know that Salming Hawk Court Men’s White/Black became the most popular and therefore the best-selling shoes of the last season. Their success guaranteed them a place in the new collection as well. No wonder, because taking into account the price/performance ratio, there are no better shoes by Salming.


FLOORBEE SPITFIRE PRO 29 SILVER is the new floorball stick of the series PRO. This is one of the top sticks by FLOORBEE. This stick contains 95% carbon/5% fiberglass. This stick is very light. It is produced in lengths of 96 and 100 cm. Its weight in the size of 96 cm is 203 grams. FLOORBEE SPITFIRE PRO 29 SILVER flex is 29 mm. The best part of this floorball stick is its blade. The JET blade is a very versatile blade, which helps you with both slap and sweeper shooting. We recommend it to all players who want to become a sharpshooter.

FLOORBEE Albatross 36 Yellow

FLOORBEE Albatross 36 Yellow is the new floorball stick in the JUNIOR & CHILDREN'S series. The stick is equipped with a straight blade JET. The stick is made especially for beginners, but it can serves advanced players as well. Albatross 36 is made of a special type of fiberglass. The individual fibers are carefully folded. This process ensures that the stick is strong and impact resistant. This stick is the ideal stick for school. It is produced in lengths of 65, 75 and 82 cm. Its weight is 183 grams.


The new stick bags and toolbags are in a very attractive black/neon green design, where the FLOORBEE logo is displayed in white/black color. These are high quality products. The most interesting is Stickbag FLOORBEE SHOTGUN 2.0. This stick bag is also available in size Senior+. It can hold 104cm(=114cm) floorball sticks as well. Don't forget that there is FLOORBEE Landing Sock Gear in the same design.

Goalie equipment FLOORBEE

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the FLOORBEE goalie equipment. This year's goalkeeper news is based on the design of the previous collection. The entire FLOORBEE goalie collection is very comfortable and durable goalie equipment that can help you even during the most difficult matches and training. Don't forget to look at:

Runway 2.0

However, the biggest news for this season is Runway 2.0. Runway 2.0 is the new specialized surface for floorball. It is an eco surface - no heavy metals, 100% recyclable, no wax, no polishes. The basis of the FLOORBEE system is a 200 x 200 mm tile. The individual tiles are connected by locks at the bottom of the surface. Runway 2.0 is available in 11 colors.

Floorbee can offer you the whole range of the floorball playground equipment, such as floorball rinks, goals, nets and more. If you want to buy a complete floorball playground, Floorbee is the best choice. They will process everything, create a perfect price offer, and you can have a complete floorball playground without any worries.

You can buy a new floorball goal busters Shotcooler 2.0 as well.

Zone Floorball Harder

Probably the biggest news by ZoneFloorball is the Harder floorball blade. HARDER is a combination of several blades. The basic shape, bend and reinforcement (top and bottom) of the edge is from Hyper blade. Zone removed 1 vertical rib from the Hyper blade and added 1 horizontal rib. This horizontal rib is located in the heel of the blade. The result of this adjustment is an excellent rigid blade - especially in the heel. HARDER takes its heel construction from the MAKER blade. This construction also contributes to the stronger heel. So you can shoot really hard!

This blade has a large pre-bend and concavity of 9mm. This big concavity and pre-bending positively affects the ball handling. The shot from this blade is accurate and very fast. HARDER has a T-shape profile of horizontal (longitudinal) ribs. This shape strengthens the blade and provides you with a larger contact area for the ball. The result is more accurate shots - especially by slap shot.


The AIRLIGHT™ series is one of the best-selling floorball sticks series by ZoneFloorball, so it must not be missing in the new collection either. The AIRLIGHT sticks have a 100% carbon shaft. AIRLIGHT floorball sticks are one of the lightest sticks by Zonefloorball.These floorball sticks are unrivaled in their balance as well. The manufacturer states the weight category for Airlight shafts in the range of 190 to 200g. The 21/22 collection brings 4 AIRLIGHT ™ sticks all in a matt finish.


The next news, especially design news, are BALANCESHAFT shafts. There are 3 SUPERLIGHT sticks under this name:

These sticks are mainly design news. These sticks have the name Zonefloorball embossed in the shaft. If you like design, you have to have these floorball sticks!


The Oxdog FSL floorball blade (FASTSHOOTLIGHT) is a light blade. Its weight is only 68 grams. Of course the emphasis is not only on the weight. FSL blade (FASTSHOOTLIGHT) is also excellent in ball control. After all, that's why it was created. Oxdog FSL (FASTSHOOTLIGHT) blade has a concavity of 9.5 mm. The cavity extends from the heel to the tip. The entire blade is also pre-bent. This pre-bend starts before the middle rib and goes towards the tip of the blade. The tip turns very slightly inwards and down.

The ribbing as well as the bottom edge and tip are based on Oxdog OptiLight. The ball control is much easier and shots are more accurate with this blade. The already mentioned ribbing gives the blade high rigidity, so the blade can transfer energy well to the ball. This blade gives you fast and accurate shoots! We would recommend it to players who like shooting, especially sweeper shoot.

This blade has several variants:


ULTIMATELIGHT HES series is one of the highest floorball sticks series by OxDog. Shafts ULTIMATELIGHT HES are made of the premium and the lightest carbon - HighPressure carbon. To achieve the lowest weight there are used lightweight plug, grip and lightweight blade. ULTIMATELIGHT sticks are one of the lightest floorball sticks in the world. ULTIMATELIGHT floorball sticks have no competition in the floorball world. These sticks are designed directly for players who simply want to be the best! There is OXDOG ULTIMATELIGHT HES 27 AP ROUND MBC2 or OXDOG ULTIMATELIGHT HES 27 AP SWEOVAL MBC2 .


The next news is the new design of the HYPERLIGHT HES series. Last season, OxDog released a limited edition OXDOG HYPERLIGHT HES 27 ROUND TURQUOISE LIMITED EDITION. This color combination was a huge success, so this year's HYPERLIGHT HES collection is in the same design. So what happened to the design of the last HYPERLIGHT HES collection? Now this design has the ULTRALIGHT HES series and FUSION & FUSION LIGHT as well.

OxDog goalie equipment

Now it's time for the goalie. The OxDog goalie equipment collection is called Xguard. This is very comfortable and durable professional goalkeeper equipment. It helps you even during the most difficult matches and training. This collection is completed by OXDOG XGUARD LIGHTFLEX.


XGUARD LIGHTFLEX is a special model of OxDog goalie shoes designed for floorball goalkeepers. These shoes offer you lower weight and lots of other improved features. The upper part of the shoe is made of light materials. The shoes offer excellent ventilation and comfort. A good feature is that the laces are hidden behind the cover. This cover protects your laces and improves the glide of your shoes. The lace cover is attached with Velcro on the outside of the foot.

The sole of these goalie shoes is of course divided into two parts - the front sole and the sole under the heel. Thanks to this, your feet are flexible and you can move in a natural way. Thanks to the split sole, the shoe is a bit lighter. The sole has a really good grip.

Fat Pipe SPEED

Fat Pipe SPEED blade is a new blade for the 2021/22 season. This blade is one of the light and significantly pre-bent blades with high concavity. We recommend it to all players who want to have fast and sharp shots. Its relatively flat backhand side allows good ball control on the backhand side as well. SPEED is a shooting blade, designed primarily for sweeper and slap shot.

SPEED is a combination of several blades. The basic shape, bend and reinforcement (top and bottom) of the edge is from PWR blade. Fat Pipe removed 1 horizontal rib from the PWR blade and added 1 vertical rib. This vertical rib is located in the heel of the blade. The result of this adjustment is an excellent rigid blade - especially in the heel. SPEED takes its heel construction from the ORC blade. This construction makes the heel stronger. So you can shoot really hard!


WTB Grip is made of anti-slip material which absorbs sweat very well. Grip fits in your hands well and doesn't slip. Its disadvantage is that there is no perforation and it doesn't absorb sweat very well like other grips. The grip is a combination of three materials:

  • black - material providing softness and comfortable holding of the stick
  • white - material for high moisture absorption
  • grey - material with high adhesion

There are new color combinations in this season. These new color combinations were already released at the end of the last floorball season but officially it's new for this season. So you can now find color combinations:

  • white / black / blue
  • white / black / orange
  • white / black / green


LOW KICK technology is reinforcement of the floorball stick. Shaft with this technology are reinforced in the most strenuous place with stabilizing glass fibers as well. The result is a stronger and faster floorball stick.

LOW KICK sticks are stronger and more resistant to breakage. This reinforcement moves the Kick Point lower. LOW KICK stick is heavier at the blade area, which gives you more speed and force! This moved kickpoint gives you more accurate shooting and easier ball control as well. LOW KICK shaft is glossy with a thickness of 25.5 mm.

This technology was released at the end of the last floorball season as well, so it's not completely hot news either. You can currently find this technology on the Raw Concept shafts and on one CORE shafts: FAT PIPE CORE 27 LOW KICK SPEED. In combination with the new blade, you can find this technology at: FAT PIPE RAW CONCEPT 29 LOW KICK SPEED or FAT PIPE RAW CONCEPT 29 LOW KICK JAB.


One of the main Unihoc innovations is the ecological focus. Last season Unihoc released Stickbag Unihoc Stick cover ECO (For more information, check the article New collection Unihoc 2020/2021). However, ecological thinking has been a success, so Unihoc keeps going. The whole new bags collection RE/PLAY, is dedicated to ecology. Unihoc has also the new ECO blades:


Last season Unihoc introduced CARBSKIN® CURVE - the lightest curve stick on the market.. This year Unihoc came with an even lighter stick UNIHOC PLAYER TITAN CARBSKIN 28 LTD BLACK. This stick has an incredible 173g in length 96cm. Beyond that you can look forward to the already standard high quality Unihoc sticks in these series:


This season brings another news: The division of Unihoc products into classic Unihoc and Basic Unihoc. There are really basic products in the Unihoc Basic category such as CRATER balls, folding goal EASYUP PLASTIC 60X90 CM and more. The only things worth mentioning are these sticks:

The composite is a mix of carbon fiber and glass fiber. Both materials have both positive and negative properties. Do you want to get the best possible properties of these floorball stick materials? Just combine them! The composition of these sticks is: 23% carbon/77% glass fibers.

Today we have presented the new collections. If you are still not sure about your choice and would like some advice, do not hesitate to contact us at: , where we are ready to advise you! ;-)

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